Meet Baby Crawlspace: Ava Marie Douglas

I’m so happy to share with you all my baby girl Ava Marie Douglas. She was born today at 12:40 central time. She weighs 6lbs 15.5 ounces and she is 21 inches long. She has a beautiful head of hair, unlike her pops. I love her so much. Mom and baby are doing fine, I have an iv of Mt. Dew in and am recovering. My little girl is only one day old and already a tv star. Click here to see video and an interview with a proud pappa. Also click here to listen to Spider-Man’s daddy  Stan Lee welcome little Ava into the world.

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  1. Pop Culture Fan

    Forget the radioactive've just been bitten by the Parenting bug!!! Congratulations to you and your wife! As someone also in the TV news field, this is one of the few times that I think it's great when stations get personally involved in the lives of their employees. Great interview and video! Corny 'footage' joke, though.Enjoy the ride!

  2. Devilcreator

    Congrats, this is my first post/comment ever but I already follow your podcast for a long time.

  3. Spider-Girl

    Congrats! She's so cute! I was just thinking about you and wondering if the labor had happened! Yay!

  4. SpiderPlumber

    Congrats Brad and Wendi! I'm sorry to tell you, but now the time is going to start racing like Quicksilver heeding Wanda's call!!! Enjoy every moment as a family - she's a beaut!

  5. jpd13

    Congrat's Brad to you and your wife. Your life is about to change in the best way!! She's adorable.

  6. Irishlad

    Wonderful news. Congrats. She's a dote. I have to endorse her name as it's also the name of my youngest - Ava.

  7. persian-spider

    congratulations from Tehran, Iran! from the very bottom of my heart i wish you and your family good health and more success. you just dont know how lucky you are. we belive in my country that God gives you a daugter when he wants to shower you with his blessings

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