Monthly Archives: August 2010

  • Podcast 110- Spider-Panel Goes Back to 1990

    In this episode we take a trip back to August 1990 and talk about Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1. It was the biggest selling Spider-Man comic of all time. It’s all part of JR’s “This Month in Spider-History.” We also give our recommendations for the month and tackle your dozens…

  • Spidey Memories#78

    This is from issue 156 of  “Amazing Spider-Man”. The retcon in “Parallel Lives” said MJ knew from the start. If she knew from the start, then she is being a massive jerk here.

  • Adult Toys Banned in Toys R Us?

    This toy collector is ticked that Toys R Us stocks a “Dexter” action figure. What do you think? I know this isn’t Spidey related, but what if they stocked the Black Cat Adam Hughes figure with large breasts?

  • Amazing Spider-Man Classics Podcast #14

    Spidey QUITS??? Jameson’s hailed as a national HERO??? Sally Avril’s DEAD??? The great trilogy continues and the Classics gang go over ASM #s 18 and 19. Face Front True Believer! [audio:] Click to listen to both this and the back episodes here:

  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12 Review

    Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: David Lafuente Colorist: Justin Ponsor Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit The Chameleon, in the guise of Peter Parker, rides back to Forest Hills with MJ via cab from the Daily Bugle. He makes advances on her, which she initially doesn’t object to, but comes to…

  • Got An Extra $75,000 for a Kirby Recreation

    If money were no object, I’d pick this up in a heartbeat. According to this ebay auction back in the early 90’s artist Jack Kirby re-created his famous Amazing Fantasy # 15 cover. It sold on Sotheby’s Auction years ago and is now for sale for $75,000. Would you…