Spider-Man: Crawl Space #10 is online!

What’s this? Another new issue of Crawl Space? But we just had one two weeks ago…shouldn’t there be about another 3 months before the next issue hits?

Not this month, Crawl Spacers! If you missed the announcement, Crawl Space has committed to match Amazing Spider-Man’s “OMIT” storyline issue-for-issue, so we’re here today with Crawl Space #10 to counter OMIT part 2!

Spider-Man: Crawl Space is this website’s exclusive, original, ongoing comic script series featuring new stories about Spider-Man and his lovely wife, Mary Jane Parker!

Crawl Space #10 brings “One in a Million Part 2 of 3,” and one look at that gorgeous cover by David “Hambone” Crim and Brandon DP tells you you’re in for an action-packed, clone-smashing good time! Harry Osborn and Morbius the Living Vampire have unleashed an army of Spider-Man clones on New York City, and it’s up to Black Cat, Toxin, and an inconveniently de-powered Spider-Man to stop them! To quote George Berryman’s excellent thrice-weekly Fight Club features, “You good people turn to the Crawl Space to get your kicks and we deliver.” And people, this issue delivers the kicks! And the punches, claws, whips, guns, impact webbing, stingers, and symbiotes with a penchant for breaking necks! It’s all out action in the Merry Marvel Tradition!

Click here to read Spider-Man: Crawl Space #10, “One in a Million Part 2,” and don’t forget to stay after the end of the issue for a special bonus feature illuminating the redesign process for the Black Cat!

Once you’ve read the issue, head on over to Spideydude.com for an EXCLUSIVE look at David “Hambone” Crim’s inks for the cover to Crawl Space #11! While you’re there, make sure to poke around a bit. He’s got the best site on the net for Spider-Clones and Spider-Girls!

When you’re done with all that, please come on back to the Crawl Space #10 discussion thread to let me know what you thought of all this craziness!

And don’t forget, the conclusion of “One in a Million” is coming at you in just two more weeks (August 18th)! See ya then!

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