Crawl Space Reporter Josh Lapin-Bertone had a chance to talk to Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada at the San Diego Comic Con. The two go over the One More Day/ Brand New Day and One Moment in Time storylines. The two also go over Amazing Spider-Man #638 page by page. Thanks to Joe for being a good sport and talking with us. Click here to play the show.

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24 Responses to “Podcast 108: Joe Quesada Interview”

  1. #1 AmFan15 says:

    OH, NO!!! Worlds collide! To quote Ghostbusters: “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! MASS HYSTERIA!!!”

    Seriously, though, I haven’t listened to this yet, but it should be…interesting, to say the least!

  2. #2 LUNI_TUNZ says:

    The Disney deal won’t effect Marvel?

    Curses! Now I’ll never get my Marvel Team-Up with Howard the Duck and Donald Duck.

    That said, pretty cool interview.

  3. #3 JGC says:

    Can’t wait to listen!

  4. #4 Combustible Pumpkins says:

    Congrats, Brad and Bertone! Very insightful interview. I like the GW vs. Brooklyn bridge trivia and the short debate about how rushed the marriage originally was. Thanks again, it was a lot of fun.

  5. #5 CRM says:

    Awesome interview, say what you want about Joe Q and his direction with Spider-man but he is a pretty cool guy.

  6. #6 Tom K.W. says:

    Great interview, seems like a really nice guy and whatever some fans say, there IS method to his madness. (Madness, as in storytelling, not the guys a whacko lol)

  7. #7 Enigma_2099 says:

    I STILL hate what he’s done to Spidey, but if I saw him in person, I’d shake his hand for this.

  8. #8 gianni toyman says:

    Mr. Quesada was very accomodating to do this interview, and I’m grateful that he’s a stand-up guy and did it, but….A bit dismissive. He says in referrence to those who dislike some of these stories: “…and I get it, if you have an agenda…” No. You don’t “get it” if you think someone like me who’s been collecting Spider-man since 1979 has “an agenda” when I honestly just don’t like what you’ve done w/ the character. I’m not a pounding the pulpit “Mary Jane and Peter Parker must be married” kind of guy. I’m a “This is NOT the Spider-man that I grew up with” kind of guy. And YES, I did not like the Clone Saga either. So, just like then, I’ve stopped collecting my favorite character until he’s my favorite character again. The Clone Saga is palate-able now because it’s over. This direction was a mistake. I promise not to say “I told you so” if you fix it, Mr. Quesada.

    He also says that he’s pictured as “…sole intent is to screw up the character. He’s sitting back twirling his dastardly mustache… ” and continues to say that we (I) need to “get some perspective”. Hello…pot…this is kettle…

  9. #9 Heartburn says:

    Decent guy, it was nice of him to agree to this interview and that he’ll appear in a future podcast. Nice job Bertone.

  10. #10 Themanofbat says:

    Great stuff…

  11. #11 farmernudie says:

    Yeh, i didn’t like his “Agenda” accusation either…i’ve collected my whole life, thru think and thin, since the start, and I never would have thought i had an agenda!! I think i am just prone to liking my favorite character. Whether we agree or disagree, i think the word “agenda” fits more for what THEY are doing….an attempt as he says to preserve it for future generations, no matter how many long time customers leave now, during this time period. ME not liking a direction, an editorial mandate, isn’t really an “Agenda” imo

  12. #12 Hambone says:

    So were and Joe on an airplane or something during this interview? It sounds like there’s a propeller in the background.

  13. #13 HPT BANDIT says:

    Great interview. Even though many Crawlspace members don’t agree with the BND (me included), you have to respect the guy for talking with Bertone about it.

  14. #14 Jeremy says:

    For Christ’s sake, he said SOME people have an agenda. And let’s be honest, THEY DO.

  15. #15 BD says:

    That’s going to be one of my top questions I ask him to explain more. I dont’ get that Spider-Fans have an agenda.

  16. #16 George Berryman says:

    He says they have an ‘agenda’ as an attempt at marginalization. Also bear in mind that this is the same guy who accused fans of a married Spider-Man as being “selfish,” while he himself was actually doing something selfish.

  17. #17 Sano says:

    Nice interview and JQ is pretty cool for going along with it.

    Seriously he sure brought a lot of his own opinions into reading the wedding annual. Seemed like a typical cold feet story to me. If he honestly thinks that MJ did anything other thing letting Bruce give her a ride to the wedding and he has issues, and not just comic book issues LOL! Well he does admit that we just like him bring a lot of ourselves into these stories which is probably true.

  18. #18 Marvel Comics Thread says:

    […] for crying out loud… 40 minute podcast interview with JQ regarding the first issue of OMIT.…ada-interview/ Last edited by Sano; Today at 08:57 AM. CFE Bio and Quotes Translation Faq version 2.8! […]

  19. #19 persian-spider says:

    do i hate him more now? no! actually i kinda liked the guy. he seems to be honest.

  20. #20 bulletproofsponge says:

    The reason why people eventually loved the Clone Saga was because Peter ended up being the original. I’m sure the Clone Saga would not be so popular if Ben ended up being the original. Similarly, if OMD does have a happy ending, I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.

  21. #21 bulletproofsponge says:

    apparently someone has left that comment earlier. My bad for not reading. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. #22 George Berryman says:

    OMD having a “happy ending” is subjective. And there’s no excusing bad storytelling.

  23. #23 RAK says:

    How is this a good interview? Joe says Peter was not going to make the right choice because the devil was going to keep pushing him, so MJ made a side deal with the devil?

    But the right choice is letting Aunt May die not breaking up with MJ.

    Plus Joe’s making MJ looks like a skank by saying she did something with Bruce.

    What a douche.

  24. #24 BD says:

    And 1 warning goes to RAK for calling Joe a “Douche.”