Another (the final?) Crawl Space/OMIT Schedule Change!

Yes folks, it’s happened again.

If you’re way out of the loop on the happenings of Spider-Man: Crawl Space, this site’s original Spider-Man script series, we’ve committed to match Marvel’s “One Moment in Time” storyline issue-for-issue, releasing an issue of Crawl Space every Wednesday that sees the release of an issue of OMIT. We’ve kept that promise to date, but the schedule has already changed 3 times now. First, OMIT part 2 slipped from July 28 to August 4. Then, OMIT part 3 slipped from August 11 to August 18. Finally (or so we thought), OMIT part 4 slipped from August 25 to September 1. And since our commitment was to release Crawl Space issues with OMIT issues, we’ve followed suit and changed our schedule accordingly.

Well, here we are again. According to, OMIT part 4 has slipped another week, now set to be released on September 8. And so, Crawl Space will once again follow OMIT’s lead, moving Crawl Space #12 to be released on September 8. I’m very sorry Crawl Space fans will have to wait yet another week for this landmark anniversary issue, especially since I’m so anxious for you all to read it. Hopefully this will be OMIT’s final schedule change (and it will likely have to be, as it’s now coming out on the same day as “Origin of the Species  Part 1”) and I won’t have to post another article like this again.

Regardless, Crawl Space #11 will still be coming out in just over 24 hours and hopefully it will pack enough punch to hold you over for three weeks!

And if you haven’t yet, now would be a good time to check out the first two issues we released to match the OMIT schedule, Spider-Man: Crawl Space #9 – “One in a Million Part 1” and Spider-Man: Crawl Space #10 – “One in a Million Part 2,” before the conclusion of “One in a Million” hits this Wednesday!

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