Spider-Man: Crawl Space #11 is online!

This is it! The conclusion of “One in a Million” is here!

Spider-Man: Crawl Space is this website’s original, script-format Spider-Man series following the adventures of Peter and Mary Jane Parker.

Back in June, we committed to match Marvel’s “One Moment in Time” story issue-for-issue, Wednesday-for-Wednesday, and we’re here to deliver the third of four in that commitment. We want you to compare one-on-one which Spider-Man you prefer – married or swingin’ single? With the big explanation of their status quo coming from Marvel, it seems like put up or shut up time for Crawl Space – so we’re putting up. Read them both and decide for yourself. Feel free to tell me and Marvel your choice!

You may notice I haven’t said much about this particular issue. That’s because there’s not much I can say that won’t spoil you. The surprises and revelations start early and keep up the pressure the whole way through.

So far in this arc, Peter Parker has taken control of Oscorp, Harry Osborn has unleashed an army of Spider-Man clones on New York, a powerless Spider-Man has donned Ben Reilly’s old costume to fight them, Black Cat and Toxin have shown up to help, Carlie Cooper, Flash Thompson, and even Brad Douglas have gotten in on the action, Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Parker have met at Oscorp, and now a Cosmic Cube has been found. This issue, it’s anybody’s ballgame. Can Peter use the Cube to stop this siege on New York? And with the Cube in the hands of the Goblin King – will it even make it to Peter?

For these answers and many more, click here to read “One in a Million Part 3 of 3 – Your Time Has Come!”

And head on over to Spideydude.com after you’ve read the issue¬†to see the FULL COLOR cover for Spider-Man: Crawl Space #12, coming in three weeks! (But seriously, read the issue first or you will be MAJORLY spoiled!)

Finally, don’t forget to stop by this issue’s discussion thread to let me know all your thoughts!

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