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  • Amazing Spider-Man Classics Podcast #18

    It’s a Spider-Man marathon, literally! While the Amazing webhead is chased by his adoring fans AND the insidious Jonah-Slayer, the gang is joined by the artist extraordinaire, Gerard DeLatour! So pop out your schanpps and get ready to play the Flash Thompson drinking game! [audio:]

  • Spidey Memories#82

    Peter Parker: Spider-Man (volume 2) issue 21. Peter has always been a funny guy. He creates banter in tense situations and his battle humor has been a long staple of the Spidey books. In this Paul Jenkins issue, he took the next logical step and tried his hand at…

  • One of Three Spider-Friends Confirmed

    I just got an e-mail back from Kathy Garver/ Firestar and she’s up for the reunion. That’s one spider-friend confirmed and two more to go. Dan Gilvezan/ Spider-Man said he’d be up for it when Crawl Space Reporter Josh Bertone talked to him at the San Diego Comic Con.…

  • Reuniting the Spider-Friends

    Every now and then I try to plan a big podcast. The Sal Buscema podcast with special guest Stan Lee was about as big as I’ve ever done, however I want to top it. My goal is to reunite the Spider-Friends. I have e-mailed Dan Gilvezan/ Spider-Man, Kathy Garver/…

  • 1994 Spider-Man episode #31: “Enter the Green Goblin” Review

    He’s Greeny, he’s Gobby, but is he Norman or Harry? Enter the Green Goblin! Credits Story By: John Semper Written By: Marty Isenberg and Robert Skir Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi Animation Services By: Toyko Movie Shinsha (TMS) THE PLOT: While attempting to conduct experiments for…

  • Happy Birthday Gerard!

    Happy birthday to Crawl Space reviewer Gerard Delatour, he turns 26 today. He reviews the Amazing Spider-Man title and also contributes to the Crawl Space web comic. So please leave him a happy birthday message in the comment section. Here is an example of his awesome artwork. This is…

  • Podcast #112 Online-Spider-Panel Tackles OMIT

    In this episode the panel tackles several topics those include: *We discuss the costume designs of the Spider-Man musical include Swiss Miss and the Grinch/ Green Goblin. *We talk about an older action figure collector is upset they are selling “Dexter” killer dolls in Toys R US. *We disucss…

  • Spider-Captions # 130

    If you’re new to Spider-Captions the goal is to write a funny caption for the picture in the comment section. The funnier the better. I’ll start it off. “I told you Ultimate Spidey, I was going to bite your ass,” Gwen Stacy Clone/ Carnage.

  • Podcast 111: Dan Slott Interview

    Josh Bertone had a chance to talk to Spider-Man writer Dan Slott at the San Diego Comic Con. Slott discusses his plans for our favorite webhead and about his first arc entitled Big Time. [audio:] To download the mp3 click here. We’ve recently changed our xml feed, re-subscribe here.…

  • Amazing Spider-Man Classics #17

    A huge e-mail segment takes place for the Classics gang to be able to respond to all the hate and bile against their slander on the angelic Betty Brant. Nah, just kidding, but they do answer a ton of e-mails. Afterward they go over “Goblin and the Gangters! [audio:]

  • 1994 Spider-Man episode #30-“Attack of the Octobot” Review

    Because when you think of heart-pounding action, you think of a Rasta-Cab Driver and a little girl! Credits Story By: John Semper Written By: Meg McLaughlin Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi Animation Services By: Toyko Movie Shinsha (TMS) THE PLOT: Amnesiac due to Doc Ock’s laser…

  • Happy Birthday Kevin Cushing

    A big happy birthday goes out to Kevin Cushing, he turns 24 today. He does a ton of this site and I wanted to publicly thank him for everything. He’s an administrator on the message board, a writer of the Crawl Space web comic and all around cool guy.…

  • Spidey Memories#81

    This is from the classic “Spectacular Spider-Man” issue 250. Great story…too bad this scan has a massive continuity error. Crawlspace No-Prize for the first fella who spots it!

  • Van Lente Loves Crawl Space

    Crawl Space poster Gregg Dieckhaus was able to meet up with Spider-Man writer Fred Van Lente in St. Louis. Van Lente was attending the Project Comic con and agreed to show some Crawl Space love.  A big thanks to Gregg and Fred for being great sports !

  • Spidey Memories#80

    This is from Peter Parker: Spider-Man (volume 2) issue 46. This was before “Sins Past”, so can we call this unintentional foreshadowing?

  • Spidey Revisions#10

    Mother of Mephisto! How does this scene from Web of Spider-Man Annual 9 work in the new continuity?  Spidey Revisions to the rescue!

  • Amazing Spider-Man Classics Podcast #16

    After months of relying on guest hosts to carry the show’s popularity, the Classics gang are forced to go it alone for the start of September! The trio cover the return of the Circus of Crime, the ultimate shrew in Dorrie Evans, and the continuing saga that is everyone’s…

  • Clone Saga Chronicles is BACK!

    With…Maximum Clonage. 🙁 An episode covering comics so horrible, that it took the show months to get out! Can the Clone Saga get any worse? More 90’s cliches than you can shake a web at! Double sized issues! New Warriors! Punisher! Peter joins….the Jackal?!??!?! Say it ain’t so! [audio:]


    ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #643 “Origin of the Species, Part 2” Writer: Mark Waid Penciler: Paul Azaceta Inker: Paul Azaceta Colorist: Javier Rodriguez “Spidey Sundays” Writer: Stan Lee Penciler: Marcos Martin Inker: Marcos Martin Colorist: Muntsa Vicente Cover Art: Marco Djurdjevic Variant Cover #1: Phil Jiminez and Frank D’Armata Varaint…

  • Amazing Variants

    Marvel just sent me this press release showing these two great looking variant covers. Here’s the release. Marvel is pleased to present your first look at two new Amazing Spider-Man variants from superstar artists Bryan Hitch (Amazing Spider-Man #645) and Paolo Rivera (Amazing Spider-Man #646)! Origin Of The Species,…

  • Spidey Memories#79

    Since “Shattered Dimensions” is the current talk among Spidey fans and video gamers, I think it might be fun to remember old Spidey video game ads of old.

  • 1994 Spider-Man episode #29-“Make a Wish” Review

    Ha ha ha, Spidey…you can’t quit! What about all your adoring fans? Realizing that, Spidey tells his origin and powers to someone with the “Faith of a Child…” Credits Story By: John Semper, Elliot S. Maggin and Meg McLaughlin Written By: Mark Hoffmeier Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and…

  • Kevin Cushing launches The Geoff Johns Podcast!

    Friends, the day has finally come. The day when yet another member of the Spider-Man Crawl Space Podcast panel launches their own podcast! Brad Douglas is the godfather of a whole family of podcasts, and I am very proud today to join that family. The Geoff Johns Podcast, hosted…

  • Spectacular Webs Podcast #13

    Season 1 finale! And what a finale it is. The boys are joined by the one and only Greg XB as they discuss Venom, behind the scenes tidbits, and the power of friendship![audio:]