Spider-Man: Crawl Space #12 is online!

I said I’d match every issue of Marvel’s OMIT with an issue of Spider-Man: Crawl Space on the same day, and I’m here for the final time to deliver!

Spider-Man: Crawl Space #12, “Return of the Scarlet Spider,” is one packed issue, folks. To start off with, we’ve got EIGHT covers for this one, taking you through Ben Reilly’s entire history of costumes. It’s an amazing gallery of art from eight different artists that will just blow your mind!

Then, the issue itself clocks in at 32 pages, which is a full 10 extra story pages! Ben Reilly is back – but what does he do now? Follow his return to the world, and see what leads him to put on a scarlet costume once again. Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane Parker attend a swanky ball that’s full of surprises! Carlie Cooper, Felicia Hardy, and some surprise guests are all in store, too. Trust me when I say this issue will shock you just as much as the last one!

So head to the forum right now to read Spider-Man: Crawl Space #12, and when you’re finished, don’t forget to head to the discussion thread to let me know what you thought!

And once you’ve read the issue, make sure to head over to Spideydude.com for your first look at Hambone’s gorgeous pencils for one of the covers for Spider-Man: Crawl Space Annual #1!

Thanks for reading, folks!

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