October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’d like to take a moment to interrupt your regularly scheduled program …

Most of you like to think of me as a happy-go-lucky sort of guy.  I chuckle and smile a lot when talking Spider-Man, and I generally try to keep things light and friendly.  What most of you probably DON’T know is that the lives of my close family members have been hell for the last year plus.  You see, breast cancer has struck in my family.  TWICE.

As you can see, breast cancer awareness is a cause that hits close to home for me.  I’m not asking you to sympathize or even care.  What I am asking is that you take a moment to donate to one of the many organizations funding research for a cure.  I’ve seen firsthand that progress is being made in medication and treatment of the disease, with experimental medications that are effective at combating that proliferation of cancerous cells and even killing the cancer itself, so rest assured that it IS making a difference.  If you can manage to spare a few bucks, there is somebody out there that can and will benefit from it.

You can find information about the disease and advancements in its treatment HERE, and you can find links to donate HERE.

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