Friendly Fire Fight Club #50 – Spider-Man vs. Nightcrawler

Well it had to happen sometime, and it finally did!  With our 50th Friendly Fire Fight Club match, someone selected Spider-Man as their champion.  That someone was CrazyChris, who challenged Kevin Cushing.  Both have identical Friendly Fire Fight Club records (4-1-1) and each is fighting desperately for that 5th win.

In shocked response, Kevin Cushing chose Nightcrawler to fight for him in the match.  Since I, as the Friendly Fire Fight Club Commissioner, get to pick all of the fight locations I chose Skull Island from the King Kong movies to serve as the battle zone.

Sounds like fun huh?  Well it is!  And you can join in on the action, too!  You can vote on this fight until noon on November 10th by clicking this link to our Fight Club forum! Also, be sure to check out the Friendly Fire Fight Club thread to learn how you can start stomping – or start being stomped – yourself!

It’s important to remember that votes tallied here on the front page in the comments do not count! If you want to vote on this fight you have to do it via the Crawl Space boards at the link I posted here before the afternoon of November 10th.  Otherwise it won’t count!

Yessiree, in between examining every detail of Spider-Man’s history, career and life we pick fictional characters to beat the hell out of one another.  It’s… what we do.

–George Berryman!