today announced that Axel Alonso has been named Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, replacing Joe Quesada as Quesada moves to focus full-time on his role as Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment. Quesada has been the EiC of Marvel Comics for over ten years. What does this mean for the company?

BD Edit: Here’s the full press release from Marvel.


New York, NY – January 4, 2011 – Marvel Worldwide, Inc announced today that it has promoted Axel Alonso to Editor-in-Chief, Marvel Entertainment. In this new role, Mr. Alonso will report to Dan Buckley Publisher & President, Print, Animation & Digital Divisions, Marvel Worldwide Inc. Mr. Alonso will oversee all day to day aspects of Marvel’s Publishing division, including advising on the editorial creative direction, developing new storylines and brainstorming new initiatives. Additionally, Mr. Alonso will work on creative aspects of development of larger corporate initiatives involving Marvel’s popular library of characters. The announcement was made today by Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment.

Mr. Quesada stated, “It’s with tremendous pride that I announce Axel Alonso’s promotion to Editor-In-Chief. For over a decade, Axel’s been instrumental in bringing fresh new voices to Marvel and reinventing our biggest characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, Wolverine and so many more. He’s fought to create unique imprints like Marvel MAX while also bringing fresh new voices to the Marvel family.”

Working in comics for over 15 years, Mr. Alonso began working at Marvel in 2000 as a Senior Editor and was promoted to Vice President, Executive Editor in 2010. Overseeing acclaimed runs of Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men, in addition to shepherding groundbreaking projects such as X-Statix and Rawhide Kid, Mr. Alonso developed a reputation for bringing readers the unexpected and the electrifying. He also oversaw cross-promotional projects such as the creative collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and ESPN The Magazine on their recent NBA Preview issue, which drew attention across the world from mainstream media for it’s innovation.

“Marvel has a great history of the most dynamic and memorable EiCs in comics history and I’m honored to step into this role,” said Axel Alonso. “I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most creative men and women in the world, bringing to life some of the most compelling stories you’ll find in any medium. This new role provides me with exciting challenges and prospects I’ve never encountered before, but I know one thing—Marvel’s getting even bigger in 2011.”

“Most of you know Axel from his high profile job as Vice President, Executive Editor and the man behind some of our very best and edgiest books,” added Joe Quesada. “Time and time again, Axel has proven that he is one of the very best story editors in the history of our medium and one of the finest people I know. And, like everyone here at Marvel, he has one single focus, bringing you the best stories with the best characters in all of comicdom. That’s why I have no doubt that Axel will bring Marvel Comics to greater heights than it’s ever known!”

As part of this strategic initiative, Joe Quesada will focus on his duties as Chief Creative Officer, overseeing Marvel’s creative endeavors in film, television, publishing, digital and more. In his ten-year tenure as Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Quesada was instrumental in Marvel’s rise to prominence as a global entertainment juggernaut and the increased profile of the comic book medium. Mr. Quesada brings his expertise and experience to further strengthen the Marvel brand as a leader in worldwide entertainment.

About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit


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Arune Singh | Manager of Sales Communications

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| Marvel Entertainment LLC

| 135 West 50th Street, 7th Floor

| NY, NY 10020

| P: 212-576-4061

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109 Responses to “Joe Quesada no longer EIC; Axel Alonso promoted”

  1. #1 BDog says:

    WOAH! Did not see this coming at all.

  2. #2 Two-Bit Specialist says:

    Me neither. I’ll reserve further comments until I know more, though.

  3. #3 phillyradiogeek says:

    Things shouldn’t change much at all. Quesada is still Chief Creative Officer, handling the overall Marvel vision of the company and characters; Alex will just handle the day-to-day of the publishing arm.

  4. #4 herbiepopnecker says:

    Seems he was part of ASM direction, plus the Q still
    gets his hand into things. . .

    Bah, I say.

  5. #5 Proto Goblin says:

    I always assumed it would be Brevroot, but then I think they were both equals in their positions anyway so it could have always been either one of them. Now the question, is this good or bad. I don’t know very much about Axel other than the fact that he was spider-man editor during JMS’s run(a run which I enjoyed for the first half) so I honestly can’t even begin to guess if he’s the right man for the job. I will say though regardless of anyones personal feelings on Quesada and his overal role as EIC I think it was getting pretty obviouse that he was running out of steam as EIC at the end there and it was time for some new blood in that role. Hopefully he does well as Chief Creative Officer(which I thought he already became early last year).

    Hopen the podcast can get an interview with this guy sometime soon, maybe he’ll be easier to grab for one than Joe was with all the added responsibilities he was getting near the end there.

  6. #6 Jon M Wilson says:

    Joey Q now has creative oversight over all of Marvel’s various media. When you have a larger area of responsibility, your immediate impact on each portion is lessened. My metaphor when I was telling Don about this story was that he no longer has his hand in the cookie jar; he just has to make sure the cookie jar doesn’t break. I expect this will lead to some very interesting results.

  7. #7 reader says:

    With the BND era over, Axel Alonso just hit the BIG TIME.

  8. #8 Kevin Cushing says:

    I’ve edited the article to reflect that, yes, Joe Quesada was already CCO of Marvel Entertainment. He’s just going to focus on that job full-time now, so Axel Alonso has been promoted to EiC of Marvel Comics.

  9. #9 Cmvmool says:

    So should we celebrate the news or not ? :(

  10. #10 Proto Goblin says:


    Let me get out my trustee magic eight ball, give it a little shake here, and all signs point too….Undecided??? Bahh screw this Ill just revert to the old saying “Only time will my friend, only time will tell”.

  11. #11 Doc Folsome says:

    is this effective immediately? i didn’t see a date in the article…

  12. #12 Jon M Wilson says:

    @11 It was just announced today and in the present tense, so I’m going with yes, it’s a done deal.

  13. #13 Mel says:

    this should be interesting….

  14. #14 The Dark Spider says:

    Well this sure as hell shook the house of ideas around…

  15. #15 Miles_Warren says:

    I’m well happy. I’ve been dying for a new EIC for years. I doubt that the spidey marriage will be back under Axel, but nevertheless I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing something new and different. Axel has edited many titles over the years that I quite enjoyed.

  16. #16 Gerard Delatour II says:

    “Joe Quesada no longer EiC …”


    “… Axel Alonso promoted”

    FUCK NO!

  17. #17 Thrawn says:


  18. #18 Stephen Wacker says:

    These are some unprofessional reactions.

  19. #19 Gerard Delatour II says:

    @Stephen Wacker: Go pluck yourself.

  20. #20 Stephen Wacker says:

    Does Gerard Delatour II speak for everyone?

  21. #21 Gerard Delatour II says:

    @Stephen Wacker: No, I’m just a freelancer. I only speak for myself. And your mom.

  22. #22 Proto Goblin says:


    I don’t understand how fan reactions can be unprofessional? Acting unproffesional would mean all these fans have actual jobs in the industry either as comic book writers, editors or some other position in marvel or another company or as journalists. Most of the people commenting here seem to just be random fans whose only connection to the industry is that they like some of the characters produced by it. No connection to proffesionalism there whatsover. If you think they are conducting themselves in a disrespectful manner then thats a fair enough comment but unproffessionilism makes absolutely no sense here.

  23. #23 Stephen Wacker says:

    I’ve decided it’s unprofessional based on whatever industry they’re in.

  24. #24 Stephen Wacker says:

    For example: It’s unprofessional for a “freelancer” like Gerald Delatour to say “Fuck Yeah” about a guy moving on from a job. His bosses shouldn’t allow this.

  25. #25 Proto Goblin says:


    If a personas at work at the time they are insulting or they are doing something connected to their job at the time of the insult perhaps, but if the person in question is saying an insult in an unrelated setting to work then I would consider that more an example of rude behaviour than unprofesionalism.

    But back to the topic at hand since we have an editor from marvel amongst us Mr. Wacker do you know whose taking over Axels position now that he’s been promoted(and apparently Brevroot’s whose been promoted to vice president of publishing). Is it you? Also what the heck is this vp of publishing postion ive heard Brevroots apparently been promoted too?

  26. #26 Stuart Green says:

    I would like to say congratulations to Mr. Alonso on being picked as the new E.i.C. I wish him well and I hope he likes his new job.

  27. #27 CrazyChris says:

    @Gerard: I get what you’re doing but I think you’re just giving Wacker more ammunition with which to provoke us.

  28. #28 CrazyChris says:

    Btw, is this going to turn into another one of THOSE comment threads?

  29. #29 Gerard Delatour II says:

    @CrazyChris: You can threaten somebody with an empty pistol. Just sayin’.

  30. #30 Jonathan Francis McGarrigle says:

    The more things change, the more the stay the same, nothing will change except new promotions have opened up for Wacker…which I think is a good thing.

  31. #31 Venomaniac says:

    While I extend my congragulations for Mr. Alonso, I feel that there will be little change, at least in terms of the antagonism of the comic culture that has been created… as a result of the behavior of BOTH the fans and the pros: both sides need to calm down, critique the work calmly and intellignetly and not resort to extremes (for the fans) and respond with professionalism (for the pros)

  32. #32 CrazyChris says:

    @Gerard: I think I understand what you mean.

  33. #33 NIK! says:

    @ Gerard

    What the hell, dude. Seriously. What the hell.

    @ Wacker

    Keep kicking ass on ASM. Not many of these guys will admit it, but if Slott keeps up the momentum, this run could be up there with DeMatteis and JMS. It’s that freakin’ good.

  34. #34 Timothy says:

    Here’s an open message to Mr. Wacker, from me, and me alone:

    Look, I have nothing against you, I don’t envy your job, you’re a business man and I get that it can be stressful trying to please everybody. However, a professional coming onto the site to provoke the fans is just as “unprofessional” as you’re coloring some of us to be. I get that you want to connect with fans, and that it’s important to know fan reaction to such a big shake-up, but we are all entitled to our opinions. Coming to challenge those opinions will just steam you up and cause more stress. Also, I don’t believe that when you and your colleagues have made your opinions about this site well known, you keep coming back, lurking and rebutting, costing time that could better be spent doing your job. I get sometimes you need to unwind and de-stress, but it seems these situations have a tendency to be stressful for everyone involved. I would recommend that if you don’t like the community here, no one is forcing you to come here, and that all this time bickering could be better served by trying to put out some darn good comics. I know our opinions may differ on what makes a good comic, but remember they are called “COMICS”, they should try to be entertaining to both the readers and creators, and right now this isn’t entertaining, if anything it is quite tedious.

    Respectfully, and God Bless.

  35. #35 Captain Cheesesteak says:

    I hope this works.
    I actually liked JOe Q as EIC, I think he did TONS of good for Marvel Comics.
    Unfortunately the only things I think he made wicked bad were everything related to Spider-man.

  36. #36 NIK! says:

    @ Timothy

    I’m guessing that would be pretty hard for him to rests since certain members of this site have launched a holy war against him. He’s exercising his sense of humor and keeping his sanity. I’d do the same thing if a bunch of anonymous posters were dissing my friend after receiving a well-deserved promotion.

  37. #37 NIK! says:

    I meant to say “resist.”

  38. #38 venomaniac says:

    Re 36
    I haven’t seen any dissing at all.
    Is there critique about how he will do at the job and the attitude he will bring to it? Yes, but that concerns the work that he is doing, and has absolutely nothing to do with him as a person.
    Critiquing the work is ok. Critiquing the people personally is not

  39. #39 Bertone says:


    Holy war?????????

  40. #40 NIK! says:

    @ Bertone

    Holy war. Jihad. Crusade. Take your pick. Gerard’s leading the charge in an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt, hurling smarmy complaints like spitballs from high on his pony.

  41. #41 Gerard Delatour II says:

    @Nik!: I’m going to assume that you’ve been under a rock for the last month and just move along.

  42. #42 Stephen Wacker says:

    You’re all assholes!

  43. #43 spiderman252 says:

    Seriously Gerard whats with starting the flame war?

    I have to admit my first thought when I read this was is Axel Alonso pro or anti marriage. But perhaps we can wait to see what he does.

    And in this case I agree with Wacker… as the sites official reviewer, you should act a little more professional.

  44. #44 Fred says:

    “You’re all assholes”

    I have a feeling that this is not Steve, but if it is, this shows that he’s behind Dan Slott’s unprofessional behavor.

  45. #45 Stephen wacker says:

    Obviously I didn’t write that last post.

  46. #46 Stuart Green says:

    Getting this back on topic, I too am obviously curious if Mr. Alonzo has a pro- or anti- stance on the Spider-Marriage. That’s clear by my fan sites, petitions, and my unofficial Facebook group for Spider-Marriage fans. It’d be disappointing to see this post dissolve into another 100s+ post about us bickering back and forth. Name calling, flaming and personal attacks do nothing but waste time best spent making progress, like getting work done or trying to come to some kind of agreement between us, even if it’s agreeing to disagree.

    Spider-Man Crawl Space is the best Spidey site I’ve ever been to and it has the best message board, Spider-Man or otherwise, I’ve been on in a long, long time. It’s a New Year, folks. Let’s try to make this one a better year by making it better, not by insulting one another back and forth. Nobody needs to be insulted, whether you’re a fan or from Marvel. I truly hope everyone here has a great night.

    ‘Nuff said!

  47. #47 NIK! says:

    @ Gerard

    No rock, Gerard. I’m just tired of your double-edged antics. Take a deep breath, shake off the ol’ ego, and try to think before you speak sometime. You’re giving this site a bad name with the stuff you post.

  48. #48 Stuart Green says:

    @#45 – Oh, no. This isn’t like that thing a few weeks ago where a guy pretended to be someone from Marvel, turned out it wasn’t and he/she got banned, is it?

    I also don’t believe you’d write that, Mr. Wacker. I like seeing you pop up on Crawl Space. It’s good for folks at Marvel to see both sides of the Spider-Man fans on message boards, the ones who are pro- and anti-status quo. I don’t agree with the hateful remarks, profanity or other comments associated with them by the upset fans who post them when that happens, because it makes it look like all anti-OMD/BND/OMIT/etc. fans are like that when they aren’t. I think we all, myself included, need to do a better job trying to rebuild that gap.

    Again, I repeat, I hope everyone here has a good night. It’s a pleasure to talk to you guys back and forth, and it’s a privilege I don’t ever take for granted.

  49. #49 Gerard Delatour II says:

    The “You’re all assholes!” post was NOT Wacker. It was by Thomas Hughes , so please direct all flame towards him for trying to stir some shit. 😉

  50. #50 venomaniac says:

    re- the fake Wacker post. Can we find out who sent it?

    And I feel that Axel is anti-marriage, as he edited OMD. If he felt it wasn’t a good idea I think he would have chosen not to edit it, or at least try to make it a very good story (to quote Mr. Wacker, editors just try to help get the best possible stories told…or something similar along those lines)

    Or it could be that he is impartial, in which case I don’t see him messing with the status quo, unless he thinks it’s very out-of-character for Spider-Man (and if that was the case, why would he be editing OMD then?)

  51. #51 venomaniac says:

    Thomas Hughes??

  52. #52 Jonathan Francis McGarrigle says:

    I smell a banning

  53. #53 NIK! says:

    @ Gerard

    But the “go pluck yourself” comment was you trying to stir some shit. Take a hard look in the mirror and drop the shit-stirring utensil.

  54. #54 Jonathan Francis McGarrigle says:

    No, it was Gerard playfully mocking Slotts similar sounding insult, if gerard was actually serious he would be saying what slott actually said and not playfully mocking it.

  55. #55 Jonathan Francis McGarrigle says:

    And yes NIKI! the mum comment was also Gerard mocking how Slott interacts with fans as well before you bring that up

  56. #56 Gerard Delatour II says:

    @NIK! and Jonny: Yup, Jonny has this one spot-on. I mockingly rehashed the lines, albeit with edited language.

    Also, shit is much easier to stir with a long stick or plunger of some type. I don’t think a “utensil” would quite do it. If your shit can be stirred with a spoon, I think you need to see a doctor or at least lay off of the yogurt for a while.

  57. #57 SpiderPlumber says:


    What the hell people???
    Steve Wacker comes on with a comment that “these are some unprofessional reactions”, and THAT causes a shitstorm??
    Let me tell you, I am among the BIGGEST Crawlspace supporters, but Mr. Wacker is absolutely right. The comments directed towards Axel Alonso were absolutely unnecessary! I (along with a whole truckload of SMCS fans) was glad to hear the Joe Q has left the EIC position because, in my opinion, he has totally derailed ASM.
    That should make “us” happy, right?
    Give Axel Alonso a chance to show what he can do before you cast childish judgements.

    @ Steve Wacker… I don’t pretend to speak for anybody on this site other than myself, but I’m kind’a embarrassed about the comments made.

    …just sayin’…

  58. #58 Spider-Dad says:

    Congratulations to Axel Alonso on his promotion to EIC. It will be interesting to see if Axel has a new vision for Marvel publishing. He certainly has his work cut out for him since print media is suffering badly across many periodicals. I wish I knew more about him to comment further. He has my vote of confidence as long as he does not call them “funny books” and sign off with “Eek!”.

  59. #59 Stuart Green says:

    @Spider_Dad’s comment in #58: I agree. Also, who signed off with “Eek!”?

  60. #60 Aspman says:

    Um… can anyone say “bring back the friggin’ marriage!!!!”………? Okay, got that out. thank you, thank you very much.

  61. #61 Stuart Green says:

    @Aspman – I agree, I’d love to see them bring back the marriage. Very much. Very, VERY much. 😀

  62. #62 Spider-Dad says:

    @59 Stuart: The current CCO of Marvel.

  63. #63 Stuart Green says:

    @#62 – Oh, okay. Thanks, Spider-Dad.

  64. #64 Berserkfury819 says:

    Wacker thinks BD shouldn’t let him write what he does. Well I think Wacker’s boss shouldn’t let him comment on the internet. Now comes the part where he insults me for my handle.

    Wonder if we’ll get past 600 posts again…

  65. #65 Proto Goblin says:

    I am somewhat disapointed that my question from earlier about who is taking Alonsos old position wasn’t answered, but I suppose I’ll survive if its not.

    Also as far as Alonsos editing of OMD is concerned, it doesn’t really prove what his position is since we all know that arc was Joe Q’s personal brainchild(with him even stepping in the write the last part) you can’t really veto an arc your Boss is mandating. Im sure his editing of it probably didn’t extend much farther than grammer police. Ofcourse I could be wrong and he might have even suggested some of the stuff that was done in that story, who knows.

  66. #66 Enigma_2099 says:

    … and here we go… AGAIN.

    Interesting bit of news here… and until it actually CHANGES something, I refuse to give a s***…

  67. #67 NIK! says:

    @ Proto Goblin

    From what I understand, the job he and Brevoort had were made specifically for them, so with their promotions, it won’t be likely that we’ll see anybody take over in a literal sense, but I suspect the other editors will all be picking up more responsibility. Maybe Mr. Wacker can shed some light on this?

    @ Gerard

    I don’t care how it was intended. It was rude in execution, and it’s still rude in hindsight. You need to swallow your nerd pride for two seconds and cough up an apology to Steve.

  68. #68 Donovan Grant says:


    I hope we do, cuz it’s still my article! lol

  69. #69 Rick James says:

    Congratulations to both Joe and Axel in their new positions. I’ll look forward to seeing what creative offerings both of them will be bringing to the table in the future.

    God Bless,

  70. #70 Fred says:

    “You need to swallow your nerd pride for two seconds and cough up an apology to Steve.”

    Maybe Nik! you should stop insulting people yourself. You seem like the one with the problem here and you glossing over what Steve has done before put to question what ever right righteous holy crusade you have.

    People have a right to there opinion, whether you like it or not.

  71. #71 Wheatcakes says:

    No matter how much Mr Q may have changed Spidey in a way in which I personally don’t care for, he has been a positive overall force at Marvel in my humble opinion. Best of luck to both he and Mr Alonso.

  72. #72 Stephen Wacker says:

    #70 All I’ve “done before” is suggest that freelancers are free to do what they want and don’t work for Marvel. I’ve also proposed that perhaps some of the more vocal posters here don’t have as much industry insight as they think (which is true).

    Not sure what else you are imagining. Certainly we agree that “People have a right to there (sic) opinion, whether you like it or not.”


  73. #73 Stephen Wacker says:

    Excuse me I meant “speak for Marvel”

  74. #74 Tonyd117 says:

    Congrats to Mr Alonso on his promotion. Joe Q focusing more on the movie and animation studios is a good thing in my book, as he’s done a really great job in Hollywood on that end so far.

  75. #75 Pete Wiggins says:

    Jesus Christ, not this again…

    Back to the main topic: congratulations and the best of luck to Axel on his promotion.

  76. #76 Fred says:

    “Not sure what else you are imagining”

    I’m imagining things now Steve? (If that is really you) I’m imagine you insulting Kevin and this site when he was only trying to have a respectful conversation with you. I’m imagine you insulting the people here when you were doing damage control over what Dan Slott said? There are over 600 post over at the Dan Slott thread, a good portion of them are made by you insulting the people here over their opinions. Am i imagining that as well Steve?

    God, i really love that victim act you have when you can’t defend yourself Steve, it shows the type of person you really are.

  77. #77 Jack Brooks says:

    Just. ignore. him.

  78. #78 Stephen Wacker says:

    I didn’t insult Kevin or the site. People just say that a lot and others believe it because bullies like to pile on.

    I’ve said I like the site pretty regularly…even in those threads. I don’t judge it from a few cranks (Kevin is not a crank, but he is often wrong about the business).


  79. #79 Donovan Grant says:

    Mr. Wacker, can you possibly elaborate further on the nature of Quesada’s role as CCO? I know he’ll be overseeing a lot of the media venues and stuff, but does that wholly segregate him from control of the books? Or is it an addendum to his former duties as EIC?

  80. #80 Stephen Wacker says:

    Sorry, but I really can’t. It’s not my place.


  81. #81 Proto Goblin says:

    Do you by any chance no of a way we can find out the duties and roles of various executive positions at Marvel like CC0 if we wanted to learn more, or are you unable to say that as well?

  82. #82 NIK! says:

    @ Fred

    People do have the right to their opinion, and Gerard wasn’t voicing an opinion as much as he was acting blatantly disrespectful. I’ve read most of Wacker’s posts on this site, and I have no idea how he’s been nothing but professional when confronted with your immature harping, and he continues to do the same here, whether you want to believe it or not.

    Is it hilarious? Yes. Is he coming on this site to provoke you? Possibly. Is he trying to make you look like idiots? You’re all pretty much doing that to yourselves.

    Chill out and don’t preach civility if you’re incapable of showing it yourselves.

  83. #83 Fred says:

    “People do have the right to their opinion, and Gerard wasn’t voicing an opinion as much as he was acting blatantly disrespectful.”

    Several people told you differently, especially Gerard. Whether you took it as an insult is your problem. Crying and insulting people because of it makes your argument into a joke.

    “I have no idea how he’s been nothing but professional when confronted with your immature harping, and he continues to do the same here”

    Really? is that all you have despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Pretty sad.

    Take it easy NIK!

  84. #84 Alex says:

    Ah, threads like these are why I like the Crawlspace.

    Comment 19 was brilliant ><

  85. #85 NIK! says:

    @ Fred

    “Several people told you differently, especially Gerard.” It’s comments like this that really only accentuate how two-faced message board posters can be. Just because Gerard has supporters doesn’t make him right. In fact, I believe that it means they’ve created a mob mentality that believes they can do no wrong. Gerard screwed up, and instead of manning up to it, he’s hiding behind snide comments. If you don’t see a problem with “go pluck yourself” being disrespectful, then there’s a problem with you, and I refuse to accept anything you have to say until you acknowledge the hypocrisy of his actions, and in your own for defending him.

    He screwed up. Man up to it.

    As for all of this evidence to the contrary? I certainly don’t remember him ever coming CLOSE to the level of unprofessionalism displayed by saying “go pluck yourself.” I will say it again: It’s comments like these that give this site a bad reputation.

  86. #86 NIK! says:

    And lest it get lost amid all the nerd rage, WAY TO GO AXEL!

  87. #87 Jonathan Francis McGarrigle says:


    If Gerards being disrespectful in playfully mocking Dan Slott…how disrespectful does that make Dans original comments?

  88. #88 Proto Goblin says:


    While I wanna say I for one do agree with you that Gerards comments did come across as pretty offensive even if he did mean them as a joke(I think he did mean them as a joke but they really didn’t come off that way). However I don’t think you’ve been acting any better. I mean what the hell is with your comment from post 82 where you say everyones acting like idiots? Most of the discussion here has actually been pretty civil. So people are being skeptical about weather or not Axel will be an improvement over Joe Q or not, well they should be. Its perfectly logical for people to speculate over if this is more of the same or not and give there reasons for this, thats how discussions work.

    Also where is this crap about CS having a bad reputation on the net coming from? Ive never seen any evidence that this sight has a negative reputation in general. Sure there are some people on the net which don’t like it(mostly because people who don’t agree with the current direction can actually voice that concern without getting beat down and chased away by the zealot level supporters) but everything has its detractors. If anything id say this is probably one of the more popular spidey websites on the net (Bertone wouldn’t have gotten all those creators to hold up the I love crawlspace sign and get their pictures taken if they hadn’t) and I would personally recommend it to anyone.

  89. #89 Gerard Delatour II says:

    If I wrote a post about how much I love chocolate ice cream, there would be half a dozen people complaining about my “obvious anti-vanilla bias” and demanding that I be removed as reviewer. 😆

  90. #90 NIK! says:

    @ Jonathan
    It has no bearing on Dan Slott’s initial comments. If you’re going to raise hell about something Dan Slott said, the least you can do is take the moral high ground and act decently.

    I agree with you. I could have phrased that better. Certain people are acting like idiots. This is a really popular Spidey fansite, and I respect BD and many of the people involved in making this site, but this place is very quickly becoming the Fox News of fansites when it comes t its reviews and message boards. I love that there are people like you on here who can differentiate between poor and proper etiquette. I’m happy that someone actually gets it. I just want Gerard to stop with the inappropriate witticisms and start to behave how he expects others to behave, freelancer or not.

    @ Gerard
    Apples and oranges, Gerard. In your metaphor you’re not inciting a riot against the creator of vanilla ice cream. That would make it infinitely more appropriate.

  91. #91 NIK! says:

    Final point: The very fact that Gerard has been defended instead of held accountable saddens me. He knows better. I know he knows better because of what he says about Slott. The fact that he doesn’t act better and is a shame.

  92. #92 Bertone says:

    “The very fact that Gerard has been defended instead of held accountable saddens me. He knows better.”

    How do you know this? Can you see what the staff says to Gerard behind close doors?

  93. #93 Berserkfury819 says:

    @Nik, there is nowhere on this page or other where Gerard has told anyone to riot. If anyone is overreacting, its you.

  94. #94 NIK! says:

    You people are insane.

  95. #95 Jonathan Francis McGarrigle says:

    I’m not denying that, hell my message board handle is actually InsaneJonny

  96. #96 Proto Goblin says:

    So anyway how about that Alonso fellow?

  97. #97 AbdulAziz says:

    I finally saw what Axel looks like, yay
    97 comments? I’m impressed

  98. #98 Mark Twain says:

    Go Huck yourself!

    (disclaimer so I’m not banned: I’m obviously not really trying to impersonate Mark Twain)

  99. #99 Pete Wiggins says:

    Peter Parker: Spider-Man #99, or rather #1 of the Byrne/Mackie reboot!

  100. #100 erock says:

    Steve Wacker jovially used the same argument that everyone used against him, and it was pretty funny. I think some of you need to lighten up.

  101. #101 Proto Goblin says:

    I hope Alonso does well in the new position, it will deffinetely be a tough one.

  102. #102 Gerard Delatour II says:

    @erock: Finally, somebody that gets it. 😆

  103. #103 Spidey Fan says:

    Not holding out much hope of any changes at all at Marvel. I gave up on Marvel and dropped all their titles.

  104. #104 NIK! says:

    Well, boys, it’s been fun stirring shit, but I think I hear someone complaining about how Dan Slott slurps his soup (in a very unprofessional manner, I might add) in another thread.


  105. #105 NIK! says:

    But in all seriousness, Gerard’s a dingus.

  106. #106 Spideydude says:

    These last two comments are unacceptable.

    As such, you’ve gotten two warnings,

  107. #107 Sano says:

    Congrats Alonso! Now get on that Pete and MJ dating so we can get them married man! LOL well I’m liking Slott’s Big Time I gotta say and am buying every issue now. Still miss the marraige though. Will settle for Pete and MJ dating at least.

  108. #108 Enigma_2099 says:

    100 down, over 500 more to go! You can do it, Crawlspacers… I have faith in you! [/EXTREME sarcasm]

    But in all seriousness, are we REALLY going to do this again?

  109. #109 ratpack223 says:

    Look at what Alonso has done in the past and you’ll see, we’re in BIG trouble.