Friendly Fire Fight Club – The Douglas Classic

Friendly Fire Fight Club Season One Approaching Endgame

Soon, very soon, it will be time for Friendly Fire Fight Club to end its first brutal season.  With Friendly Fire Fight Club #100, season one comes to a close and we enter the playoffs and the run for the championship in the Douglas Classic.

This brings a lot of new fun, including the playoffs and championship matches themselves as well as the Friendly Fire Battle Bowl Team All-Star Match that will follow right behind it.  And there will also be awards – some chosen by me and others chosen by YOU.

We’re calling them the Fight Clubbers Choice Awards.

The categories are as follows:

Favorite Combatant (Fictional characters, not Fight Club Players)
Favorite Fight
Favorite Location
Favorite Halloween Havoc! Match
Favorite Brawlapalooza Match
Favorite Friendly Fire Hall of Fame Match

So how can you get involved?  Well it’s too late to shoot for the playoffs but if you’ve been following the Friendly Fire Fight Club matches then feel free to vote for the Fight Clubbers Choice Awards.  You can find details on how you can vote for your favorite Friendly Fire matches by clicking this convenient link! Happy Fighting!

–George Berryman

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