68 Responses to “First image of Garfield as new Spider-Man”

  1. #1 BD says:

    I think we’re jumping a bit at the webshooters. It could just be a slot that shoots the organic webs through the suit.

    I’m mixed on it. I don’t like the long red mid section that is shrunk and the lack of spider-belt. I’m also not crazy about the gloves. However, I understand they can’t copy the original movie suit because they need to sell more toys.

  2. #2 Hairychap says:

    ooh, I quite like this, glad to see the back of the raised metalic webbing. Moving my optimisim-ometer up to 7…..

  3. #3 ratpack223 says:


  4. #4 jpd13 says:

    Look by his left hip I see a little red. There may actually be a spider belt, but it could be covered because of some kind of battle damage.

  5. #5 jpd13 says:

    Also, I guess the claw marks would pretty much confirm that we’ll be seeing the Lizard

  6. #6 AbdulAziz says:

    Some people still haven’t shared their input
    The suit looks good, I felt the Maguire suit better until both suits were compared together, there are things I like about this one more, things I like more in Maguire suits. Eventually it’s a near tie
    Like the Ultimate guy, he’s carrying a bag on his back

  7. #7 Aspman says:

    My only real complaint is the “webs” on the costume don’t really look like webs, nore like vertical and horizontal lines, but may look better in the film.

  8. #8 Spideydude says:

    Was it me or did it get based off the Spider-Ben Costume and the Original? Especially with the lack of Spider Belt.

  9. #9 DiabeticSpidey says:

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was the costume Ben wore, and the one Mayday wore. I really don’t like this suit, but I guess this is just the first image we’ve seen of it. This could be a prototype suit, which over the course of the movie may evolve closer to the one we’re used to….Hey, that explanation sounded good when I typed it.

  10. #10 Nat says:

    Let’s see…web-shooters, backpack, and the suit has kind of a new design. All and all i think this is awesome!

  11. #11 Spider-Girl says:

    Well, he’s scrawnier…like Puny Peter! I’m not as big a fan of this costume….

  12. #12 crutch says:

    man…. i hope it is the lizard. the lizard is my fav… by far!

  13. #13 Extreme Spider says:

    @ Spideydude If They Name Drop The Clone Saga You’re The First one in Line Aren’t cha? 8)

  14. #14 Spider-Dad says:

    Hopefully this is a prototype image to see how fans react or is from the wrestling scene. From my perspective, this suit looks incomplete. Looks like they got lazy with the webbing like the 1960’s cartoon and could not finish it down to the waist. No belt and the gloves make it look goofy. Stick with the classic look. The Raimi moves did it pretty good, even though the eyes on the mask were a bit pointy.

    My vote, thumbs down if that is the final version…

  15. #15 Brian Bradley says:

    Andrew has a better look than Tobey so far imo, but the costume is really hurting without the belt in the front. I too hope its just MIA because of battle. I would think this costume is close to final for the movie since it has claw marks in the front. I don’t believe Crusher Hogan had claws so it seems doubtful that this is just his wrestling costume. Webshooters will be a nice touch if that’s what they are, the only thing besides the mask that needs to be seen is the webbing. I think it should be a lot thicker than it was in Raimi’s films, and has a lot of really cool potential in a movie, especially in a 3D flick. A more cinematic spider-sense would be welcome too.

  16. #16 OrcaBreath says:

    Almost looks traditional/Ben Reiley.
    I like it.

  17. #17 stillanerd says:

    Well, to put on my cynical conspiratorial “tin-foil hat” for a moment, I wonder if the reason why the webbing on the reboot Spider-Man costume is less noticable is, due to the fact that there is supposedly less money being spent on this reboot (it’s budget is reported at $80 million), this means the CGI animators won’t have to spend time putting in the “web” pattern on “Spider-Man” during the moments when he’s swinging and fighting. :p

  18. #18 Chris Kuehl says:

    Andrew Garfield MAY fit the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, BUT I personally hope that this movie has more romance, no origin story except for memory sequences, Emma Stone better look hot as Gwen Stacy (she did with tan skin and blonde hair in an interview), maybe the story will be intriguing, I like the Lizard (hope he looks frightening and dangerous), and lastly, I still prefer Mary Jane Watson over Gwen Stacy because I really originally wanted Emma Stone to be the new MJ. The suit’s webs are black like the comic-version and has that futuristic look to it which is good (the back spider better not be screwed up). What do you people think? I will definitely go see it no matter what, but it should be almost as good if not better than Spider-Man 1 and especially 2. Personally, I liked Spider-Man 3, it just needed Venom out of that one with only Sandman as the main villain and Harry as the new goblin that he played.