Dailyblam.com was able to snap some pics of Dennis Leary playing Captain Stacy in the new Spider-Man movie. What do you think? Here’s a pic of the original character.

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11 Responses to “First Picture of Dennis Leary as Capt. Stacy”

  1. #1 Donovan Grant says:

    I think he looks fine.

  2. #2 iron_patriot says:


  3. #3 BD says:

    I think he needs a pipe and cane. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. #4 Spider-Dad says:

    I like Dennis Leary quite a bit and he would be good for this part in about another 20 flippin years…

  5. #5 iron_patriot says:

    Aren’t they making Captain Stacy younger?

  6. #6 Javi Trujillo says:

    I think he looks horrible as 616 Stacy! As Ultimate Stacy, I think he’s great, despite the blond hair color! Go check out the Ultimate story line when the random guy is dressing up as Spidey robbing banks and you can see it!

  7. #7 Simon James says:

    That’s fine. The whole cast are younger than they were in 616, but that’s fine. No problems here.

  8. #8 Extreme Spider says:

    Anyone Remember th Crime Alley Part of Batman Arkham Asylum? Where A Young Bruce Wayne Meets A Rookie Gordon? Maybe They’re Doing This With Peter And Captain Stacey.

  9. #9 AbdulAziz says:

    I think he looks perfect the way he’s depicted in the new film
    Hope they wait before offing him if they plan to do so, and don’t rush to do it in the first film

  10. #10 butters911 says:

    Im a big Denis Leary fan. I hope he gets to do his routine about crack in the movie!

  11. #11 5p1d3y says:

    I’d say since the reboot is based off of Ultimate Spidey, this is perfect.