AICN has eight new pictures from the set of the Spider-Man movie showing Spider-Man in costume.

Check out AICN for the rest of the pictures.

I still don’t dig the new costume design and I really don’t give a damn if I get called “a hater” for it.

–George Berryman!


11 Responses to “More Spider-Man Movie Costume Pictures”

  1. #1 Doc Folsome says:

    I don’t know if i trust the colors from those pics…they could be doctored…i’m gettin a real spiderman 2099 vibe from this one…thanks for the find George

  2. #2 Brian Bradley says:

    Nice find, I only saw one of those earlier. I’m guessing this is a scene where he runs out of webbing and needs to catch a ride on top of cars. The AICN article points out the mask in the pictures saying that the eyes of the mask look a lot smaller than in the previous movie… not sure I’m a fan of that. The big buggy eyes should be a must for the Spidey mask.

  3. #3 Brian Bradley says:

    It also looks like some of the fingers on the gloves are blue instead of solid red, but at least it looks like the red sleeve down the arm is there

  4. #4 CloneSaga says:

    Not much to see in those long distance pics, but at least he has a spider-belt on his back. Still worried it is missing in the front and we are left with the big red arrow pointing to his junk. The eyes don’t seem that small, but the bigger the better of course.

  5. #5 Two-Bit Specialist says:

    @Berryman – I’m not gonna call you anything then. 😛

  6. #6 Dan says:

    I’m a little torn myself in regards to the costume.
    Love the costume itself, but not a big fan of what I have seen of the mask.

    I know the picture is tiny and blurry and spidey is almost always facing away from the camera, but in one of the shots you can clearly see the eye shape, and they are far too small for my tastes.

    But to be honest, the costume doesn’t make the movie. I have faith that Webb will give us a far truer take on the web head than Rami ever did and I am immensely excited about this flick.

  7. #7 Spider-Mont says:

    YESSS!!! It looks alot like the Ben Reilly Spider-Man costume!

  8. #8 Captain Cheesesteak says:

    really can’t tell what it looks like at all in those pics.

  9. #9 kwed says:

    called it last week when that first photo was released. It has a Ben Reilly feel to it, which is cool because that was one of the only 90’s costume redesigns that was actually good. I think they should have just gone for it and taken the whole design instead of parts of it.

    The small eyes actually bothers me. I thought the size from the other movies was good. This reminds me of the 70’s tv show.

  10. #10 Dan says:

    For anyone interested, TMZ has a ground level video of spidey flipping into the back of the car, and at the end possibly the best look we have had of the mask yet.

  11. #11 Keenan says:

    *sigh* Well it’s not terrible…
    But there is very little you can alter in terms of the original red and blue suit.
    I’m of course not a hater like George is. 😛

    Spider-man, The Hulk, and Superman are the 3 most difficult characters to stylize in comics.
    So I have to say they didn’t royally mess up but……woo.

    What I’m really concerned about is if Spidey will crack wise or not.
    That’s the one thing that left me unsatisfied about the original Spider-man movies.
    Spidey lacked confidence.

    The mask should represent freedom to Peter.
    Through Spider-man, Peter Parker should gain confidence within himself, and we never REALLY got to see that kind of character progression in the Raimi films.
    He was always depressed and crying.

    Shoot, We even got to see that kind of progression in Spec Spidey.