Paul Jenkins did a story after Aunt May found out Spider-Man’s identity which dealt with the ramifications of this moment.

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6 Responses to “Spidey Memories#93”

  1. #1 Donovan Grant says:

    Yeah, I remember the Jenkins issue. Loved it.

  2. #2 ChaosInc says:

    Does Spidey get a No-Prize here for giving a reason why his Spider Sense didn’t go off? lol

  3. #3 hornacek says:

    His spider-sense only warns him of danger. It doesn’t go off if he’s “attacked” by someone he doesn’t consider a threat. Although I’m sure there are many instances where other writers have ignored this rule.

  4. #4 Donovan Grant says:

    Yeah, in the issue after he’s knocked out he notes on how it didn’t go off because it was Aunt May. But later in the 90s he tells Mary Jane it goes off whenever something is directed at him that could be percieved as a threat, even something like a pillow.

    So yeah, the continuity isn’t great…haha.

  5. #5 butters911 says:

    That plus how did Aunt May have the strength to knock peter out? Peter can stay conscious after a punch from the Thing, but Aunt May and a vase?

  6. #6 Zadom says:

    So there is precedence to the One Moment in Time issue where Spidey was KO’d by the brick. Hmm.