Ultimate Spider-Man Reviewer, No More


It is with deep regret that I must announce my resignation as regular reviewer of the Ultimate Spider-Man title for the Crawlspace.

When I first took the reins of this critique, which around the time of a transitionary period for the creative team, I felt it was the chance of a lifetime. I have been a devoted Spider-Man fan since the age of five; through comics, cartoons, and movies, I have followed his exploits and tried to model my sense of responsibility after Peter’s, often running into similar moral dilemmas. I got chills up my spine as I watched the latter half final web-slinging sequence of the first movie; that big swing from the crane, a somersault through the air, then clinging on to that flagpole was the moment where I said to myself “They did it. They brought my hero to life.” It is this passion that compelled me to jump at the chance at reviewing a weekly title had tried to convey through my reviews over the past few years. I have no regrets over any previously-published analyses of the issues. I have enjoyed the feedback you all have given me, and the allowance of extra time by Brad Douglas. However, in light of my commitment to becoming a teacher – which is no small task, I assure you – I can no longer act in the same capacity. The demands of the job conflicted with a program that leaves very little time for extracurricular activity. So, in light of this obvious fact, I have to take my leave of the review. The job demands someone who is on-point, not someone who keeps putting it off till when he has more time.

So, to my successor, my parting advice to him/her is to write with a clear voice and objective viewpoint. Put your fanfare aside and analyze the text as you see it; it’s the only way to see the material and present it in a clear light. Be honest, for that will go across a lot farther. Truth is like life; sometimes it hurts, but ultimately it is something we must all embrace. That being said, Spider-Fans, I wish you all the best of luck and I hope to see you all again in the near future. My thanks goes to Brad Douglas for the opportunity and the website to do so.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility,
Jason Larouche 

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