Osborn 3 Review

Osborn 3 review
Writer- Kelly Sue Deconnick
Art-Emma Rios
Colors-Jose Villarrubia

Contains Spoilers
The  Plot:
The beginning of the issue takes us to Senator Muffoletto’s office. As you may remember, Senator Muffeletto is one of two senators(the other being Morrison) to have Norman Osborn transferred to the secret underground prison. The senator is with her staff and gives a lecture on what it is to be a leader (and couldn’t be further from describing Osborn). Later on, one of the senators staff gets a phone call from a frantic Sarah (Bugle mail room person) trying to find information on the missing Norah Winters. At the end of last issue, Norah had just met up with a shady contact, who was taking her to the underwater prison via submarine. Eventually, Sarah’s pleas reach the senator herself, who calls up Morrison, who is now refusing to talk to her. Its obvious from the little we have seen of Morrison that he is meant to be a shady individual. Muffeletto is angry at having been talked to like she was by Senator Morrison, and for having been treated like a chump. Some shit between them is going to down before this story is over, I’m sure of it. Meanwhile, on the prison front, Osborn, the fake priest, the giant Spider thing, June Covington and Pryor Cashman go to gen pop. The giant Spider thing decides to go kill some of the inmates, as does June. June Covington is crazy. She goes into  some detail on what she has done to her body to make her so dangerous. Her bones soften on impact and she’s able to dislocate her joints at will to avoid being hurt. Best of all her blood is poisonous to others, causing paralysis and than the heart to stop. Cashman has the power to alter thoughts and memories, which he uses to make the inmates kill. All of this goes on while Osborn’s showing off his fighting skills and declaring who he is. It turns out a good portion of the prisoners all have Goblin tattoos, and take very kindly to Osborn being their leader. The issue ends as Osborn discovers Norah Winters in the guard booth taking all this down. Osborn makes some ominous comments and the issue is to be continued.

The good:
Once again the art is the highlight of the issue. Emma Rios does a fantastic job penciling and inking. Jose Villarrubia does a great job with the colors too. The scene where Osborn and crew walk into the general population of prisoners is amazing. I need to get a scanner. They walk into a pile of bodies up to the second floor. There are people hanging from the rafters, crazy bat creatures flying around. I cant even imagine how long it must have taken to finish that two page spread. It reminds me why I stick to writing and not drawing. The page layouts are perfect and add to the mood of the story. I’m not even going to talk anymore about the art. Everything I said last two issues more than applies here. The story is still engaging. They really amp up the tension. Another thing, I have no idea where they are going with this. I really cant imagine a good way to end this story without some cop out ending, so it’s a good thing I didn’t write it. If I had the last two issues would be Spider-man dropping by and kicking Osborn’s ass. I’m betting they come up with a much better ending though.
The bad:
Again the slow pace. It helps the story along, but at $3.99 per issue I kind of wish they had taken out all the great little art and story touches and just made it a two parter. If money is no concern for you, than this is a perfect story. I really cant think of a thing other than slow pacing and the price that I didn’t like about this. I could use more Norah in the story. Maybe a panel or two with Peter Parker.

The Ugly:

Still no remorse from Norman Osborn about Gwen Stacy. Maybe next issue he will stop himself from killing Norah, not wanting to rid the world of another young, cute blond. Because cute blond girls are one of my favorite things in life.
Overall: Another solid issue. 4/5 Pumpkin bombs (hey I created a thing!)

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