Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Character Trailer and Future DLC

Well, that was fast.  As you may know, Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out today, and here’s a new character trailer featuring all starting characters (the four unlockable are also briefly shown).  And just when you thought the video was over, Capcom throws in a brief showcase of future DLC, including, on Capcom’s side, a Street Fighter 1 version of Ryu, a Resident Evil 1 version of Chris, a new alternate for Dante, and, on the Avengers’ side, a classic palette for Thor, an Iron Patriot alternate for Iron Man, and Steve Rogers in his Secret Avengers uniform.

Final Character Trailer (sorry, this will have to do until I figure out how to embed videos)

What do you think? You planning on shelling out your precious cash for new costumes? I know I probably would.

UPDATE: Here’s a screenshot courtesy of Joystiq, along with more details, such as a release date for March 1st and a price of $5 for the pack.

~My Two Cents

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