BD Health Update

Gang I just wrote this e-mail to my friends at work and I thought I would share it with you all here.  I consider many of you my close friends so I thought I’d keep you in the loop of what happened to me this week.


I told Leisha I’d write up an e-mail explaining what happened to me on Tuesday night and about the surgery I’m going to have next week. So here it is. If this were a pkg, Megan would be upset cause it’s going long.

Ever since I was a teen I’ve noticed I sometimes get a rapid heartbeat. It usually goes away within five minutes. There’s no telling what sets it off. I generally didn’t think anything of it since it usually only happens maybe once or twice a year. Evidently I was born with what is called

Woff-Parkinson’s-White syndrome. I’m sure they named it after all the docs that discovered it since it doesn’t really flow off the tongue.Here’s a link

Basically I have an electrical problem in my heart. You are only suppose to have one electrical current that sends out a signal to beat your heart. I sometimes get two signals. Usually the heart just fixes itself and will go back into normal rhythm. Mine on Tuesday night didn’t and it got caught up in a loop. So the electrical signal kept sending out two signals to beat the heart at twice the speed. It started about 8pm on Tuesday. I went to bed that night around 9 since I was exhausted thinking it would fix itself like it has in the past. I woke up around 7am and it was still beating fast.

The sheets were drenched with sweat like I had run a marathon. I took Alyce to school and then waited in the parking lot for ten minutes for Urgent Care to open at 8am. When I got in there they pretty much all freaked since my heart rate was incredibly high. So they called Freeman ER and sent an ambulance to come get me. They gave me some drugs on the ride but that didn’t do anything to slow it down.

My heart then went into some sort of rhythm where it wasn’t pumping as much as it was pulsating. So they put me out and shocked me with the defib. I was unconscious but I imagine that hurt like a mother.

The defib was able to get the electric current from going in a loop and just make the one electrical signal to start pumping my heart regularly.

On Wednesday I visited the Freeman Heart Institute and met with a doc that specializes in the electrical work of the heart. He said that if that loop of electric and gone down into my lower chambers of the heart and started going haywire I could have died. Which scares the hell out of me.

He said I have two options, I could take meds for the rest of my life or I could have a procedure done that would close off that second electrical signal from shooting anything else to my heart. He said he doesn’t recommend the meds because I had such a severe reaction this past time. So on Wednesday Feb 23, the day after my birthday none-the-less, I’m going to have it done.

They will use a device that goes into a vein near my groin and twist and turn until they get to the spot where the spark happens. The doc says that he’s had a 90-95% success rate with it and I like him so I have that going for me. lol.

So Leisha, I’m going to need to take Wed,Thursday and Friday off next week. Wednesday I’ll have the surgery and he said to rest for a couple days without lifting anything heavy and just relaxing so I don’t open up the incision etc.

I’ll be at work on Thursday, Friday and Monday and Tuesday of next week. The doc has told me to take it easy and not to drink any caffeine. So I’m 48 hours off of Diet Mt. Dew so I’m real shaky. LOL.

I appreciate all the calls, texts and prayers. You all truly are like family and that’s why I enjoy working here so much. So I’ll see you all Thursday morning. I’m off to bed.


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