Avi Arad reveals facts about the reboot…(?!)

















Superherohype.com has published an excerpt of an interview with The Amazing Spider-Man producer Avi Arad on the plot we are to expect from what – up till now – we percieved to be a reboot. Arad’s comments puts that possibility in doubt:

“It’s not a comeback. You have to look at it this way.  Do you want to know more about Spider-Man? This movie is going to tell stories that you didn’t see in movies 1, 2 and 3.”

One word comes to mind: what? How can you have an “Untold Tale of Spider-Man” when there are so many inconsistencies already?! Above all no Mary Jane Watson, the object of Peter’s affections since the fourth grade (according to Harry in the first movie in an exchange with a then-nutball Norman) the noticable differences include:

  • the suit (of course)
  • mechanical web-shooters (hear that? MECHANICAL!!!)
  • two words: Gwen Stacy (who did not enter the picture until the abysmal Spider-Man 3)
  • three words: young George Stacy (you cannot tell me that Denis Leary morphs into James Cromwell in the course of several years)
  • Dr. Curt Connors becoming the Lizard (didn’t these guys meet AFTER graduation?)

I feel this is a major disaster because they could have played up the origin story as the animated series, in which Peter’s spider-bite is recieved from one of Connors’ test subjects. I’m PRAYING this is Arad being funny. We all see how his theory that throwing Venom into the mix in Spider-Man 3 would sell tickets panned out, along with making Sandman the real killer of Ben Parker. Am I the only one that is in disbelief here, because I was just starting to get used to the suit after that photo, and the killer title. So…say it ain’t so, Avi…

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