The Brad Douglas Happy Birthday Post

There are times in a man’s life where one is defined. Certain days you remember forever. Your birthday is one of those days. Today, our fearless leader, the grandpoobah of our dear, beloved website, turns 36. So take this day, a remember your favorite Brad Douglas story, after the jump, I will tell you some of mine.

11 years ago, I had a guy email my site, then called Spideydude’s Spider-Man Page, asking to put a link up to his site, back when it was Geocities (With his old screen name petroc). Naturally, I complied and added the link, never thinking about it again, til about 8 years ago. I re-discovered the site, and joined it’s message board. I never thought in a million years that I would find a guy that I consider to be a true friend and dare I say, colleague.


Brad Douglas is truly a true blue bone-a-fide professional. He has handled his big name interviews with grace, and due diligence. Listen to the DeFalco/Frenz interviews. How many guys can keep a straight face when someone takes a piss while your talking to them? Or even when Stan Lee is uncorked and cussing a storm like a sailor, how many would keep from giggling like a escaped mental patient (Like someone once said he sounded like)? No one. Because there is no other guy like Brad.
Being behind the curtian, and having been there the longest outside of Kevin Cushing, you sometimes forget how it is to be a regular poster. I remember when we had to ban our first person. It was discussed on what we could do to stop the behavior of his then 12-year old who chose to act out his puberty online to a total stranger. The final nail was when he posted my somewhat dubious catchphrase, ‘F**k You’ (NOW A GRAMMY NOMINATED SONG) all over the board and made work for Kevin and I a living hell. (Took an hour to get all the shit off there, let me tell you.) and Brad logged on and made a trademark remark along the lines of, ‘Crap, that seemed like a lot of work, what a jerk.’ It was on that day I realized that I knew I could work with and respect this man.
When Brad launched the Podcast in the fall of 06, we had no idea what we were doing. You could tell. We were just starting out and we had no clue as what we were doing, and Kevin and I didn’t even have a headset-setup til at least episode 5 for Kevin and 25 for me. Despite that, I enjoyed it so much that I’ve stayed on (Although you wouldn’t think that lately) ever since. The best thing about Brad is how easy it is to be around him. He’s a guy that you could have a beer, or in his case, Mountain Dew with.

He’s a guy who’s endured much criticism for some of his decisions that he himself, and others in the Administration staff have made, from bannings, to Dan Slott unfairly calling out the Crawl Space for being Negative, to Drive by postings of Steven Wacker, no one has ever questioned Brad Douglas the man, because no one dares to, but they’ve questioned his site, but by doing so, have questioned the man.

Since he turned 35, he’s been blessed with continued traffic, and the cutest little Spider-Fan around. While turning 36 has a small cloud of uncertainty concerning his big, giant, heart of his, let there be no doubt that this day belongs to BD.

He’s assembled the greatest Spider-Man Website out there, and done it with the help of Kevin Cushing, who keeps the place from becoming a Zoo, Mike Bailey and Gerard Delatour, who offer their thoughts on the flagship title, Brian Bradly and Nathaniel Collins, who offer their views on the ‘other titles’, and guys like myself, who continually gets support from Brad for his non-functioning website, JR, who can write a disertation on Brad probably better than I can, Stella, who provides so much depth to anything she does, Bertone, who does more crap on the internet than Mike Bailey but it doesn’t seem like it these days, to the ENTIRE community of people both below this post and on the Message Board, without him assembling his Crawl Space Avengers, he wouldn’t be here right now. So take a moment, and say ‘thanks and happy birthday.’ You’ll be glad you did.

To the big brother I never had,
I love you. (In a totally Hetero Way.)
Happy F**king Birthday.
You’re one step closer to being like JR.
-Zach ‘Spideydude’ Joiner
PS Brad, your request for hookers was denied, per your lovely wife. I decided to give you the next best thing:

Only ‘Cause the Immoral George Berryman wasn’t available to deliver the goods to JoMo.

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