New Info for Spider Island! (Free Comic Book Day?!)

Below is a Marvel Press Release, which was sent to BD and then sent to me. Two things that make me happy: The Hoodie and the Spider-Ben (Maydays Costume) make an appearance, to your left. To your right, you have THE JACKAL?! Holy… Crap. Do I trust Slott to handle him right? I’ll make the prediction: He’ll be closer to his 70s counterpart than his 90s. But, we shall see. I’m happy, so I’ll be happy til there is something I don’t like, or rather if there is something I don’t like. After the Jump, we’ll get the press release, including a quote from frequent commenter, Steve Wacker. (Who the hell is that guy anyway?)


11:51 CDT: Two other images are after the jump. The image is the cover of 667 to the left, and the image to the right is 668.

Marvel is proud to announce Spider-Island, the comic book event of the summer from the best-selling creative team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Kicking off this August in Amazing Spider-Man #667 (with a special prelude in #666) the citizens of Manhattan—including some of Spidey’s closest allies and deadliest foes—begin exhibiting the web-slinger’s very own powers! But as Spider-Man must stop a seemingly insurmountable super powered crime wave, he must also find out just who’s responsible for mutating Manhattan…and the truth will irrevocably alter his world. Fans will get their first full-length lead in to Spider-Island in Marvel’s special issue of Amazing Spider-Man, available for free at all participating comic shops on May 7th, Free Comic Book Day.

I so thought that this would have the Devil in it. ASM 666.

“Back when Slott launched Spider-Man into the ‘Big Time’ last year, he started laying the groundwork for possibly the biggest Spider-Man story you’ve ever seen,” said Stephen Wacker, Marvel Senior Editor. “The price of power is high for heroes and villains. The Avengers, the FF, Venom, Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, the Sinister Six and even YOU are connected to ol’ Web-Head in new ways. By the end of this story, we’re going to see what Spider-Man means to Marvel Universe and just how far he’ll go to keep it safe…including some life-changing choices that have major consequences.”

ASM 669

Plus, don’t miss “Infested”, beginning in the pages of April’s Amazing Spider-Man #659 and setting the stage for the next big chapter in Spider-Man history

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