I had this record as a kid and it’s now been put on youtube. Many thanks to BrandonHexx for putting in the time to make this video. It was such a fun flashback.

9 Responses to “1970s Spider-Man Mark of the Man Wolf Record”

  1. #1 jpd13 says:

    Ah yes memories! I had this as well and played it to death. The only thing that always threw me off was Spidey’s voice. To me, Paul Soles’ voice from the ’60’s cartoon WAS Spidey so I always had trouble getting past that.

  2. #2 Barrel Jumper says:

    Loved this as a kid. It always scared the crap out of me.

    I also remember having a Hulk record where he fought Rhino and Abomination as well as Cap & Falcon vs. The Phoenix (Zemo).

  3. #3 Barrel Jumper says:

    Remember the other Spider-Man comic/record had Draco and the Dragonmen. Ah…loved the 70’s.

  4. #4 butters911 says:

    -+w aw it was taken off b4 i could see it. why couldnt i have been born in the 70’s? instead of the 40’s cause Im so old

  5. #5 DiabeticSpidey says:

    There was a Fantastic Four one too. I still have them in fact. There was also a 33 1/3 size record that had stories from Spidey Super Stories.I kinda wish I still had a record player to play them on. I did find a web-site with the Power Records recordings, I downloaded them and was able to burn them to a CD.

  6. #6 FSUSpiderfan says:

    Video doesn’t work anymore. That sucks. I had this as a kid too. It was scary. I also had one with Spider-man going against Zodiac which was freaky.

  7. #7 AmFan15 says:

    This video is no longer available due to multiple counts of corporate greed

    I had the one with Draco the Dragon when I was a kid…But I rented this one from the library, though!
    MAN, I’m glad I grew up with Spidey back when he was…well…SPIDEY!

  8. #8 FOOM says:

    I Love those Power records. I didn’t have all the Marvels but I had most. Still have them to this day, although my originals have been played almost to death as well. My Faves were Mark Of The Manwolf, Hulk At Bay and Fantastic Four’s The Way It began.

  9. #9 FOOM says:

    This one still works. :