Brad Douglas Banned

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m here to inform you that Brad Douglas has been banned from the Spider-Man Crawl Space. As we all know, Brad was the founder of, founder of the podcast, and has been the webmaster of the site for many years. There’s no denying we all loved Brad, and he’s been an important part of this community.

But as of late, with me not being around the site as much, Brad has begun to question my authority fairly regularly, and even told me I was wrong on one occasion. I think all of you can understand that I just can’t have that happening while I’m trying to run the message board and this site as a whole. This morning I was forced to ban Brad from the message board and the front page.

So as of today I am taking over running I alone will administrate the front page, and I will be the webmaster of the message board. I am considering getting rid of the other admins on the board as well so there is a clearer authoritative voice coming from me alone. I will keep you updated on that. And I will also be hosting the podcast now. To replace Brad, Michael Bailey will be appearing on the podcast twice per month. We already have Michael Bailey from Views from the Longbox, so we are going to add Michael Bailey from From Crisis to Crisis to our cast. We’ve loved having Michael Bailey on the show, and we are very excited to be bringing Michael Bailey on board, as well.

I know this news is sad, but I hope you all understand the position I was in and why I did what I had to do here. The Crawl Space won’t be the same without BD, but ultimately, with me in charge, I think it can be better.