Kevin “Morbius” Cushing Defeated

This afternoon, I logged onto the Crawl Space, and to my dismay, I saw that Kevin Cushing had overthrew, Brad Douglas, along with myself, Berryman, and JR. Bertone was spared, along with Mike Bailey, and his clone, Bike Mailey. Sadly, there is no reason to believe that Kevin was possessed by a Devil, mainly because he didn’t have a Marriage to bargain with. (And no, despite rumors, there was no Spidey-Deal that Brad made to Mephisto.)

A great battle ensued, but thanks to the powers of persuasion, the lovely and enchanting Stella, Kevin’s weakness, ensured a great defeat. So much else happened, and while normally Kevin would write things down, I have been personally selected by the Immortal Steven Wacker to write the story for Marvel. Sadly, because of the schedule, it will not be released til January 2013, one month after we’re all dead.


Suffice to say, Kevin has been reprimanded. Not fired.

His excuse? He was acting.

Despite this, I will say: Well Played Mr Bond Cushing.