Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Now with more trailer!

Hey folks,
if last week’s announcement about the newest Spidey-game didn’t get you excited, maybe this follow up post will. As many of you have been saying, this game looks more like a direct sequel to last year’s Shattered Dimensions instead of a new, stand alone game. You get the same freefall scenes in 2099, and the same combo-heavy, web-attack friendly Amazing universe.

The voice actors from Shattered Dimensions will be playing a sort of musical dimensions as well as they switch their roles up. Josh Keaton will voice the Amazing dimension, and Christopher Daniel Barnes will be covering 2099. Looks like more of the same, with less Ultimate and Noir of course, but that is not a bad thing in my book. One of the new features they have added is the picture-in-picture where you can see how your decisions in one dimension directly affects the other. Sounds interesting but hopefully it does not come off as gimmicky as it sounds.

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