Brevoort on Spider-Man Marriage II

Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort is talking about the Spider-Man marriage again on his formspring account. Here are some quotes.

Question: Hi Tom, I’m a huge spider-man fan! I love Pre-OMD and Post-OMD. i totally agree with the decision to get rid of the marriage! can you guys please stop responding to the people who don’t like it! it has been years! they obviously don’t get it!

Brevort: I’d like to, but there are just so many of them, and assuming that they come in with a relatively open mind, they’re just as entitled to a response as anyone else.

He then is asked about why he thinks Marvel married the couple back in 1987.

Question: What was “the moment of desperation” that caused the Spider-marriage to happen?

Brevort: The need to boost client sales on the newspaper strip, and the syndicate’s desire for a wedding.

And then he is asked why the devil had to be part of the breakup.

Question: I have no problem with “de-marrying” Peter Parker, but why was a satanic analog used and not someone like the Shaper of Worlds? Did Marvel want the fix to have a dark aspect to it?

Brevort: All of the iterations of this question boil down to, “Why did you do the story you did, instead of some other story?” And the answer to them all is, “Because this is the story we did, and we felt it was valid.”

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