Webs Weekly #2

Villains seem to be all the rage. I was tempted to go with something more wedding-themed this segment because of the joyous occasion the other day, but I decided to stick with the original plan, which was Villains. Iron_Patriot requested it in last week’s entry, and the most recent podcast even deals with the popularity of villains in pop culture. And if there’s  one thing better than an epic villain appearance, it’s got to be an epic villain team-up. Recently, Spidey’s most famous adversaries work together again in both the Marvel-616 and the Ultimate universe. So I figure it’s only right to feature some fan shots showcasing the dastardly, half-dozen villains and the uneasy alliances they sometimes strike.


Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man #659 by Stefano Caselli and Marte Gracia (left, top)

The Sinister Six have returned to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. They sport quite the different look this go round, but you can be sure of one thing: they plan on giving Spidey and his new FF teammates a bit of trouble.


Sinister Six, cover to Ultimate Spider-Man 155 by Oliver Coipel, Mark Morales & Laura Martin (right, top)

The Sinister Six look to be featured as main threat to Spider-Man in the Ultimate Death of Spider-Man storyline. This piece was a cover to a lead-in issue of the story arc. However, we have yet to see the team power up, other than to escape captivity and fight amongst each other. It’s probably also safe to say that they’re more of a Sinister Five after Norman’s most recent temper tantrum.


Spidey and The Sinister Six by AlexGarner (right, middle)

Alex’s representation of the Sinister Six is the more classic looking ensemble. Mysterio with his fishbowl head, Electro with his starfish head, and Doc Ock with his bowl-cut hairstyle. It’s amazing that a group of people who look better suited for a  clown-car could be so dangerous, but Alex does a great job making the Six look menacing. This piece was for Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces card set, but his site also features some great Wonder Woman covers as well as some awesome World of Warcraft trading card art.


spiderman vs the sinister six by raede (left, bottom)

The original Sinister Six as they would appear in a cartoon drawn by raede. raede’s style is pretty characterized but something in it really speaks to me. The classic coloring and the fun vibe that this piece gives off is really cool in my book. raede also has some nice looking colored pencil commissions including one of Green Goblin, and there’s even a humorous Mickey Mouse-Galactus mash-up with a Silver Surfer-Donald Duck.


SINISTER SIX 2009 by DadaHyena (right, bottom)

DadaHyena’s piece makes me imagine what the Sinister Six would look like in the world of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. Or maybe if they were members of the Addams Family. They’re creepy and those spiders are extra crawly. DadaHyena’s Deviant gallery is filled with caricatures and some other dark humor pieces featuring famous villains.


There you have it. The villains have taken over this weeks entry, but fear not, I trust our hero will be around next week to put them in their rightful place.

“Remember that one time during the fight when it looked like you might actually win? No? Me neither.” – Marvel vs. Capcom 3
“Did I mention I beat up Firelord once? No, seriously. Firelord.” – Ultimate Alliance 2
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