Crawl Space Friendly Fire Fight Club Season Two Has Begun!

Berryman Declares: “It’s On Like Donkey Kong!”

That’s right, Fight Fans! Friendly Fire’s second season is up and running and the first match between Brad Douglas, who chose Captain America, and George Berryman (who picked Spidey) is underway in Hazzard County, Georgia.

Now’s the time to jump in, head first, all in, kicking and screaming like a rabid chainsaw wielding viking hopped up on a case of Red Bull.

“So where can I find details, George?” you ask!  Right here at this convenient link, which takes you to our Fight Club forum.  And heads-up veterans – some of the rules have changed since last season.  See you in the ring, Fight Clubbers!

–George Berryman!


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