Revisiting 2009 Sal Buscema Tribute Podcast

By far my favorite podcast I’ve ever done was the Sal Buscema tribute show. We celebrated his 40 years with Marvel by brining his friends on to celebrate his dedication. And when we say friends, I’m talking Stan Lee, Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Roy Thomas and Danny Fingeroth.
They all surprised him on the phone line and it was a wonderful time for a great man.

I recorded this back in 2009 and I just put it on the new Crawlspace podcast feed. So if you haven’t listened to them before, or if you’d like to re-listen here’s parts  1-3.
Also thanks to Mike Schiela for donating to the show. He asked for these three shows to be put on the new feed so he can listen to them on his ipod.
It’s a slow process of moving all the files from podomatic to my regular server and I’ll eventually get the 80 original shows on in time.  The three podcasts with Sal are also on itunes now.
Podcast 55 Pt 1


Podcast 56 Pt 2


Podcast 57 Pt 3

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