Webs Weekly #4

All you need is love, right? Well not according to the powers that be at Marvel. In Spider-Man’s case, all he needs is drama, a frail, old aunt, and a couple crazy, unbalanced girlfriends to keep him on his toes. The Spider-Man marriage, or lack thereof, has been a hot topic ever since Pete’s deal with Mephisto kicked off one of the most controversial storylines in Spider-Man’s history. It not only dissolved the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, and saved Aunt May’s life, but it also introduced Pete to the “perfect girl” for him, Carlie Cooper. Last week it was requested to feature the many loves of Spider-Man, but I decided to fine tune that request and bring you fine folks some pieces showcasing everyone’s favorite former wife of Spidey, Mary Jane. And before you go digging through deviantArt yourself for some MJ pics, I must warn you, these were some of the more suitable, less-scandalous pictures you could find on there.


Kisses:Spiderman and Mary Jane by ArtemisiaSynchroma (left, top)

One of the most memorable scenes from the first Spider-Man movie serves as the source material for Artemisia’s beautiful watercolor painting featuring Pete and MJ. Artemisia’s deviant page doesn’t feature a huge collection of geeky, pop culture icons like many of the other artists I have featured so far but there is a very impressive array of paintings featuring a mix of humans and nature, as well as some nice animal portraits of dogs and birds.


Ultimate Spidey and Mary Jane by ComfortLove (right, top)

I find all the Mary Jane “thrill-ride” segments of various Spider-Man games to be really boring, but ComfortLove’s rendition of Spider-Man carrying his favorite gal around in his arms look really fun. I will never be able to “wow” a girl the way Spidey can, and that makes me sad. The colors used really help make this piece pop and the lighting and outer glow around the figures help make them stand out from the background as well. Keeping with other great loves, ComfortLove has a nice pic of my boy Link and his princess Zelda. She also has more comic goodness with supporting characters from Batman and several X-characters such as Nightcrawler, Gambit and Kitty Pryde.


Spiderman saves Mary Jane by jamietyndall (left, bottom)

A barrage of pumpkin bombs won’t stop Spider-Man from saving the love of his life, and MJ knows it, that’s why she’s so cool and collected in jamie’s picture here. This has to be one of the most interesting representations of Spidey’s webbing, as it looks more mechanical and sharp. I feel that it works in this picture, however, with the high-tech bombs around the duo and the shiney silver building in the background. There’s a lot of girl-power to be found in jamie’s library with lots of powerful female superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Rogue and Storm. Anybody who saw Zack Snyder’s movie Sucker Punch will get a kick out of jamie’s pieces featuring the starlettes of that film donning their guns, swords and miniskirts.


Peter Parker and Mary Jane by  yamigirl21 (right, bottom)

yamigirl is in the same boat as many fans, feeling great sadness over the undoing of Pete and Mary Jane’s wedding. So much so that she couldn’t carry on reading Amazing Spider-Man after really enjoying JMS’s run on the title. yami goes real in depth with her feelings in the description of work so I suggest checking it out so we can all commiserate with her while paying respect to one of comic’s most famous weddings. The style of this piece reminds me of some of the artwork found in the Harry Potter books, which I’m a fan of, but the majority of her other work has a strong anime vibe to it, with a lot of focus on Dragonball Z and Avatar, the Last Airbender mixed in.


There you guys have it. A stroll down memory lane as we all remember what once was, and what hopefully will be again. We’ll have another “loves of Spider-Man” segment in the future featuring other important women to Peter such as Gwen, possibly some Black Cat, and maybe even some Betty Brant if Bertone doesn’t threaten to end me.

“Remember that one time during the fight when it looked like you might actually win? No? Me neither.” – Marvel vs. Capcom 3
“Did I mention I beat up Firelord once? No, seriously. Firelord.” – Ultimate Alliance 2
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