7 Responses to “Bono Admits Spider-Man Musical Sucked”

  1. #1 Donovan Grant says:

    The title made me LMAO.

  2. #2 Two-Bit Specialist says:

    So they just basically threw Julie Taymor under the bus?

  3. #3 Enigma_2099 says:

    Ohhh… George is gonna have a field day with this one…

  4. #4 George Berryman says:

    Bono and the Edge are doing damage control – and doing it well. The blame should squarely fall on the ‘genius’ of Taymor. But by coming out and saying “Yeah we were both talking about how bad this sucked while it was happening” was the best way for them to do this. They put their egos aside, issued a big mea culpa and are saying “Hey, give it a second chance. We’re going to turn this around.” Good for them.

    But if the musical still has some of those God awful costumes (more Taymore ‘genius’) then Heaven help it.

  5. #5 George Berryman says:

    On second thought I just saw that new trailer for it that Brad posted a few days ago… same old crappy, laughable Goblin. No reason to take this seriously at all.

  6. #6 jacemrva says:

    This reminds me of that scene in ‘Spinal Tap’ where Martin De Bergi (Rob Reiner) reads negative reviews to the band.

  7. #7 Sano says:

    One of the reasons the show sucks is their music. Writing music for musicals is not the same as writing music for an album. They should’ve never been approached for this project anyway so it’s still Julie’s fault.