Hey, all.  Michael Bailey here with some good news in a bad situation.  As many of you know our webmaster and grand pooh bah of the Crawlspace lives in Joplin, Missouri.  At around 6 PM on Sunday night a tornado hit Joplin leaving telephone connections largely cut off and many without power.  While there were numerous injuries and, sadly, a few fatalities Brad wanted me to let everyone know that he and his family are fine.  He is without Internet service at the moment otherwise he would have posted this himself.  Joplin is the home of the Crawlspace, so let’s keep its citizens in our thoughts and prayers tonight.

If you would like to contribute to the relief and rescue efforts visit the Ozarks Red Cross, which you can find by clicking on this link.

I am sure Brad will be on as soon as he can to give us more details but until then let’s keep those positive thoughts coming and leave a comment on this post letting Brad know that we all are thinking about him and his hometown.  I think this is one time where we can all put aside our negative thoughts and come together as a community to support the guy that makes all of this possible.