New Captain America podcast: THE MIGHTY SHIELD

Jon Wilson (site contributor and host of Amazing Spider-Man Classics) is joining forces with Michael Kaiser of Legends of the Batman to bring you The Mighty Shield: A Captain America Podcast, which will be taking a monthly look at every adventure of Captain America from the Golden Age, Silver Age, and today!  The first episode examined the origin and other stories presented in Captain America Comics 1.  Episode 2 just hit today, presenting his Silver Age revival in The Avengers 4 and every story involving Cap leading up to his regular appearances in Tales of Suspense.  Future episodes will include books from both eras, and when the movie hits in July, and the series gets a new #1, the modern books will be reviewed as well.

The show can be found on iTunes and at, so come check it out, and don’t forget to like the Facebook page!

(Thanks go to Brad for allowing me to announce this here.)

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