Ben Diskin loves the Crawlspace

Hey gang, PirateBeck here. Sorry I haven’t posted up the reviews for FF #3 and 4 yet (which will be end up being a double review) but I’ve been busy with a few of my other projects, along with exams. However, despite this, I was able to attend the London MCM Expo last weekend and got this picture with voice actor Ben Diskin, who you may know as the voice behind Eddie Brock/Venom in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon series. I also got him to record an opener for a certain podcast but he flubbed the line the first time around and said ‘Crawlspace’ so I figured it’d be fun to include it here for your listening pleasure. Brad, if you feel like it, use it as a show opener or something to that effect. Hope you enjoy it!

Venom welcomes you to the Spider-Man

PS – I drew the image myself since I didn’t have a printer to hand before the expo but in future, I may just ask for an image to print!

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