‘Avenging Spider-Man’ Coming in November

‘Because having the Avengers appear monthly in ASM’s just not enough!’

Marvel’s announced a new Spider-Man and Avengers title called ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ that will be rolling out in November.  The new Spidey & Avengers book will be written by Zeb ‘Shed’ Wells and drawn by Joe Madureira.

How will it mix with what Dan Slott’s doing in ‘Amazing?’  According to Wells:

“In my mind, Dan is Daddy.  I don’t want to make Daddy mad. I don’t want to spank him. If Daddy likes something we do, he can run with it.”

There are hints of other villains as well, from Avengers villains to ‘Vulture,’ though it’s not clear yet if it’ll be the Vulture or the Throw-Up Vulture.

More info at CBR.

–George Berryman!


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