We haven’t had a Spider-Caption in a while so here ya go. This one seems perfect. Add a funny caption in the comment section. Extra points for bringing the funny.

9 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 151”

  1. #1 Agent Michigan says:

    Dr. Strange, how could you!

  2. #2 Jack Brooks says:

    Diamond reacts to news that the Big Two are returning to the spinner rack system.

  3. #3 Wheatcakes says:

    Kevin and JR – their first epic meeting

  4. #4 BD says:

    Wheatcakes for the win. I thought this pic would have had a ton of comments. Guess not.

  5. #5 Agent Michigan says:

    It was posted a little late.

  6. #6 BD says:

    What’s considered late?

  7. #7 Dave Z. says:

    Before meeting with Tony Stark and Reed Richards, Doctor Strange was brainwashed by the Green Goblin.

  8. #8 Spiderfan says:

    “Try Doctor Strange’s new pumpkin flavored cakes, they’re KILLER!!!!”

  9. #9 Agent Michigan says:

    I’m sorry, I thought this was posted at 8:00, not 5:00.