Webs Weekly #8

Captain America! Heck, yeah. Coming again to save the mother-lovin’ day, yeah. Captain America! Heck, yeah. Apologies to Tony award winners Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But with America’s 235th birthday having just blown through town, I figure it’d be a nice chance to spotlight the star-spangled hero that inspires so many people, including our very own red and blue garbed champion, Spider-Man. Even before Spider-Man signed up with the Avengers, Peter Parker crossed paths with Steve Rogers on several occasions, including in the crawlspace’s very own fight club. And now, with Bucky’s run under the winged-cowl ending, Steve Rogers is picking up his shield once again. Marvel is also treating movie fans to a sure fire blockbuster this summer with their latest movie, Captain America! I’ll take my endorsement check now, Marvel, and you the viewers can take in these patriotic visions below.


Cap’ N’ Spidey by slippyninja (left)

Cap v. Spidey – no BG by Inkthinker (right)

We’re going to start this week’s showcase off with a team-up of artists.  Inkthinker laid down this very nice ink drawing of Captain America sparring with Spider-Man, and slippyninja followed it up and did a fine job of coloring. I like the emphasis on the chainmail armor Inkthinker gave Captain America, as well as the movie-inspired helmet he has on. slippy turned the drawing on its side giving an interesting perspective to the scene. Great shading and a nice outline to the characters as well. slippy’s got a nice set of paintings he submits to various contests around deviantART, which include some love for video game characters such as the Big Daddy, as well as Batman facing down Killer Croc. I get the feeling I’ll be spotlighting Inkthinker again at some point in this feature since I found a pretty sweet Spidey and Doc Ock encounter I’ll use at another time. He’s also got a sweet sketch and colored version of the characters Gotrek and Felix from the Warcraft fantasy novels, and I’ve read some of those. So that’s pretty cool.


Cap vs Spidey by 0boywonder0 (left)

0boywonder0 offers up this very sharp looking line art of Cap and Spidey throwing down on a bridge. This looks like it could have been a scene lifted straight from the Civil War story when the two were pitted against each other. My only question is who is the dude with the bird up above them? Falcon, maybe? I don’t know. 0boywonder0 has been doing work on the title Red Robin and he uses his deviant page to showcase some of the pages from that comic. He also shows off some work that was done for the comic based off of the Heroes television show.


 sketchy: Cap Spidey by KidNotorious (right)

KidNotorious is the first artist to be featured twice in this little segment here. He had teamed up with m-a-d-c-a-t on a piece during the focus on Spider-Man spidey-sense, way back in Webs Weekly #3. So congrats on that, Kid. This time we get a nice ink drawing of Cap and Spidey striking a heroic pose looking off in the distance. I like the red highlights in the drawing that make it stand out more. The differing backgrounds for the characters (red stripes behind Cap, and the red web behind Spidey) are a nice touch. Make sure to swing by his deviant page for a healthy dose of Batman love and a very cool marker drawing of Dr. Manhattan.


MarchofDimes Cap Spidey Cards by thincage (left)

If there’s one thing Captain America could get behind, it’s for the health and welfare of mothers and their children. thincage submitted these card sketches for a contest being held by March of Dimes, which is a not-for-profit organization which works to improve the health of babies. I like the colors used sparingly on the line drawings, and there’s some nice shading to the black around Spider-Man’s eyes as well. thincage has a bunch of cool commission pieces from his time at this years Heroescon which includes a nice Harley Quinn, a sweet Gambit, an iconic Ghostbusters scene and an interesting take on what the Powerfulpuff Girls look like all grown up.


Spider-Man and Captain America by pmaestro (right)

Since we’re talking about kids now, it seems fitting to follow up with this piece. pmaestro has a very classic Disney-esque look to his work. I’m a fan of the classic Disney animation so I approve of this style. It looks like Steve Rogers could have filled in as one of the seven dwarves if they had need of him. Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy… Cappy? That works. pmaestro has a fondness for X-Men characters and he shows that off in his album titled “ABC’s of X-Men” which features a different mutant per letter in the alphabet.


Well I hope you guys didn’t mind my little expression of patriotism despite it being two days after the holiday. Four days isn’t nearly long enough to celebrate the birth of your nation… then again you can never have too many days off work. Go, America (as well as all its allies around the globe).  

“Remember that one time during the fight when it looked like you might actually win? No? Me neither.” – Marvel vs. Capcom 3
“Did I mention I beat up Firelord once? No, seriously. Firelord.” – Ultimate Alliance 2 
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