Here’s our first video of a Spider-Girl showing her love of Spidey. There’s a picture after the jump.


11 Responses to “Spider-Girls # 9”

  1. #1 Brian Bradley says:


    i’m sure she’s a real big spider-man fan…

  2. #2 Baby_Buster says:


  3. #3 Old Guy says:

    This is just a tramp in a Spider-Man tee shirt. Not of interest, diminishes the value of the Crawlspace site, and should be deleted.

  4. #4 BDog says:

    HOW DARE YOU SHE’S A NICE LADY! “Hangover reference”

  5. #5 EASTIN says:


  6. #6 LudaChris says:

    I wish there was a like option, Bdog’s comment would get one from me

  7. #7 butters911 says:

    More please

  8. #8 Iron Patriot says:

    *Checks Crawlspace front page*
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, which site is this?

    *Sees article title*

  9. #9 KidFlash says:


  10. #10 -_- says:

    I cannot believe BD is posting this stuff on the website.

  11. #11 CloneSaga says:

    Nice T-shirt… Is this the next marketing vide for ASM? Marvel said they would try anything except bringing back the marriage. In that case I’m almost won over. ๐Ÿ˜‰