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5 Responses to “Crawlspace Crew Arrives in San Diego”

  1. #1 Agent Michigan says:

    Cool. The Crawl Space Avengers meet at last. Kinda.

  2. #2 BD says:

    I sure wish I were there, have fun crew. You all are awesome!

  3. #3 Brian Bradley says:

    Ha, that looks awesome. Are these going to be a daily recaps after all your crazy adventures? Super jealous. Maybe one day I’ll have the money to fly out there. I’m forced to settle with the Baltimore comic con next month. Looking forward to some great updates guys and gal.

  4. #4 slave83b says:

    Awesome, guys! Very cool to put faces to the voices I’ve been hearing for the past few years. Hope you have a great time!

  5. #5 Extreme Spider says:

    That was great! But y’all gonna have to make like clowns to sleep on that bad. I hope this is daily.

    Y’all announced Spideydude like he’s a celebrity ” Spideydude himself!” big deal :p.