If you’re visiting the San Diego Comic Con show the Crawlspace some love by printing off this piece of paper and snap a fun picture.
Extra points  for getting celebrities or spider-folks to hold it. I’ll post it on the front page just e-mail me here. Click here to download and print off the flyer. Josh, Stella and Don are reporting for the Crawlspace and are the first to send in the first picture. Good job gang!

4 Responses to “Crawlspace Representing at Comic Con”

  1. #1 Agent Michigan says:

    Wait. Who took the picture?

    Very cool though.

  2. #2 Brian Bradley says:

    Looks like a nice dessert

  3. #3 tnr105 says:

    So Josh has a sundae, Don had chocolate mousse, and Stella ate a bottle of ketchup? 😀

  4. #4 nioo says:

    stella is hot