3 Responses to “Video of SDCC Amazing Spider-Man Panel”

  1. #1 FSUSpiderfan says:

    Now we know what a drunk Lizard sounds like. Webb saying the costume is influenced by Ultimate which I’ve heard said before makes no sense because the Ultimate costume is the same one as 616. He’s either BS’ing or he’s never read these comics.

  2. #2 Parabolee says:

    He seems to have dodged the question of the suit changes and concentrated on the skinniness of it’s design. Something I like about it. But as you said, his reference to Ultimate in terms of the costume makes little sense, I don’t even think that it even seemed much skinnier to me.

  3. #3 JB says:

    Perhaps he’s referring to the fact that the suit has an athletic vibe to it, and in Ultimate Spider-man, it was a stolen wrestling costume?