Fear Itself Spider-Man 3 review

Fear Itself Spider-Man 3

Writing-Chris Yost

Art-Mike McKone

Colors-Jeremy CoxPlot:

Issue three has Spidey arriving at a hospital with a very pregnant Karen, as Ben Grimm starts attacking. Spidey tries to reason with his good friend and fellow FFer, to no avail, as he is hit with the mystical hammer. Norah distracts the Thing, as the doctors re start Spidey’s heart. Spidey then manages to pummel The Thing surprisingly well and electrocutes him, which causes the Thing to leave. The issue ends with the cast of characters all fine, and Norah writing an article that earns talk of a Pulitzer. Karen and her baby survive and are reunited with husband and father,while the taxi driver from issue one is also reunited with his family. When the cell towers are up and running again, Spidey gets a message from Aunt May that she, too, is okay (damn!)  Issue 3 is literally Spidey fighting the Thing, while thinking how he’s screwed. 


The second issue was kinda ‘meh, but I enjoyed issue threes fight with the Thing. It had the added pathos of pitting Spidey against his partner in the FF and New Avengers, and close friend Ben Grimm. I figured Spidey would get his ass kicked, but he did a good job fighting the Thing. He was able to keep him at bay with his fists of fury, and some electrocution. It was nice seeing Spidey do okay, especially after reading the terrible Fear Itself: FF one shot, where Sue and Reed were taken out like total noobs by the Thing. 

I like how Norah Winters helped out Spidey. He was getting ready to give up, and he realized he couldn’t if Norah was risking her life to save his. Overall I thought this mini was pretty bad. There were so many exciting possibilities set up in that first issue, and these just didnt deliver. I’m honestly getting sick of Spider-Man getting stuck with crappy mini after crappy mini. Deadpool too. And wolverine. Those three characters have been in many great comics, but it seems Marvel has no trouble whoring them out for anything. 

I made it my goal once, for some reason, to read every Deadpool comic that comes out ever. I picked him, because he’s a character I like, and he’s just new enough where it is financially feasible to read all his comics. I can tell you, except for the main series currently out, and Joe Kelly’s old series, every Deadpool comic I have read has been pure crap. It’s like marvel doesn’t realize that sometimes less is more. Sorry, that’s my little rant. 


Pretty lame mini, but good art


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