I love how CNN misspelled Spider-Man and forgot the hyphen.

9 Responses to “CNN Interviews Axel Alonso about Ultimate Spider-Man”

  1. #1 George Berryman says:

    But don’t anyone dare call it a gimmick! LOL!

  2. #2 Donovan Grant says:

    ^Who’s saying that?

    And this made me facepalm several times, for many reasons.

  3. #3 BD says:

    Don, Why don’t you think it’s a gimmick? It’s a way to get lots of media attention and sell books.

  4. #4 Donovan Grant says:

    Brad, I never said it wasn’t a gimmick. I stated that the promotion for it very clearly is. The problem I have is that people are using that to justify their indignation of the character despite the fact that it’s not in continuity, and it’s not Peter Parker. Peter’s still white in 616. He died white in Ultimate Universe. End of story. No race change is occuring, and this isn’t a new thing to comic book characters, iconic or no. It’s not even new to Spider-Man when you consider 2099. Were people bitching then?

  5. #5 JFMcGarrigle says:

    The way it was unveiled/marketed has been extremely gimmicky, but come on, no way Bendis thought to himself “If I make spider-man half black half hispanic sales will go through the roof” or something similar when writing it

  6. #6 CrazyChris says:

    This must really be a slow news century.

  7. #7 Parabolee says:

    It’s certainly getting the media attention they want. Wonder if they’ll get the same attention when they bring Peter back from the dead – Cynical Lee

  8. #8 Victor Geraldo says:

    As a hispanic, I am appalled that Marvel has taken those road. While you will have those that jump for joy that a half black, half latino young man has taken this mantle I can not stand by the obvious ploy. While I can understand the need to have a diversify hero, Spiderman has in fact been an iconic character. He is white point blank. To make up a character like Miles Morales become the new Spider-Man means that Latino and Black characters cannot attain the notoriety on their own. He has to borrow already established fame. While the claim that Peter Parker will not rise from the dead, I am skeptical. If Miles can’t make Marvel money with its Ultimate Title, he may need to be reappear. In the end, I was never a fan of it. Even when it was said that the SpiderMan I knew all my years was a clone, outrage caused Marvel had to retconn the story. And everyone forgets Peter has a healing factor. I am sure his death is but a mere stasis while he repairs. Marvel always finds ways to bring characters back. If not because Bendis brings him back, some other writer will.

  9. #9 Pete Wiggins says:

    @6 I was just going to say that. This is like when “One More Day” was on the news. I mean, for chrissakes, I love my comics, but at the end of the day they should not be the subject of news outside comic-book sites. This just comes off as frivolous to me, when there are far more important things going on in the world at any given time that should be given proper coverage… oooh, what’s this? Celebrity Big Brother winners Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton claim their relationship is not a “showmance”. See, people, THIS is news!