Ultimate Fallout #5 – Review

Wait, where’s the review for Ultimate Fallout #5? Well with balancing my life between family, friends, prepping for my classes in the coming fall and trying to have some spare time as your misunderstood web slinging reviewer… it’s taken a lot of energy out of me. But here I am, sitting at my computer typing up this review while trying to think up a good way to connect my busy life to this issue. Well for starters Pietro does deal with a family reunion of sorts near the end of this issue (Don’t think Ultimates 3, don’t think Ultimates 3… God, why did I think of Ultimates 3?!). Let’s get on with the review already!

Ultimate Fallout #5

Writers: Nick Spencer & Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Luke Ross & Billy Tan
Colorists: Jason Keith & Guru eFx
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover: Adam Kubert & Justin Ponsor

Story: Quicksilver – Spencer, Ross & Keith
Basically in quick sum up form, Quicksilver intends on gathering up as many mutants as he can, enslave them and then sell them; or their services; to the highest bidder. Later at night, while Pietro is in bed with Devon, the Scarlet Witch appears before him. Pietro tells her that “five are fallen, and one is. Soon.” Wanda tells him that his path to his soul’s salvation will not be an easy one but then says that’s why he must go to Egypt.

I will admit that when I bought the issue I looked at the first page to see who would be the star of this issue and then I put it down. I wasn’t that interested to be honest, maybe because reviewing this on a weekly basis is starting to get to me, who knows. But after reading the Quicksilver story I was intrigued by the concept. Basically think how Magneto wanted a world just for mutants, but flip the concept on its head. Magneto’s son is willing to do the opposite with his kind by making them slaves. Just think about it.

Now onto the art, I don’t want to say it’s bad but yet I just don’t think it was the best pick for this story, let alone the Ultimate Universe. Some of the panels looked as if it was done with a hard pressed pencil against the surface (I’m not one to talk as that’s how I’ve done my art in the past). The art is alright but again I don’t feel it was the best pick for this story, especially the last few pages dealing with the Scarlet Witch.

Speaking of the Scarlet Witch, it’s interesting to see that she’s gone back to wearing her Brotherhood outfit even though she looked completely different in the finale of Ultimate Comics X. For those who are long time Ultimate Universe readers or have read Ultimates 3, you can see in two panels how much Pietro misses Wanda. No, they don’t do anything but the feelings Pietro has for her are still strong. I’m not giving a long recap on it, but by what I’m saying or what you’ve guys have seen… you know what I’m talking about.

Not much to go on from this story but I’m expecting it to be picked up in Ultimate Comics: X-Men.

Story: Nick Fury – Hickman, Tan & eFx
The first part of the story basically sets up for what’s going to happen in Ultimate Comics: Ultimates and the Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye mini. Eventually, Fury is told that the President is reducing his budget by thirty percent.

Um… I didn’t really care much for this part. Like I’ve summed up, Fury’s tale was just a setup for the two titles and then randomly being told that his budget “is being cut in half”. This just felt like filler that felt a bit pointless having in this issue. The art was nice to look at but I didn’t care much for Hickman’s writing. I was really disappointed.

I haven’t read the final issue yet but I really do hope that something was done properly with Fury especially with this being the fallout of Peter’s death.

More Thoughts
Just wanted to also point out that Adam Kubert drew the cover for this issue. Why I’m saying that again? Here: if you read the index at the bottom of the first page you’ll see that they say Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary and Paul Mounts did the cover. Wait, what? Hitch wasn’t anywhere near this issue and yet Kubert doesn’t get a mention for his artwork? I thought that was a very lazy mistake on Marvel’s part. C’mon guys.

Speaking of the cover, originally there was a blonde headed girl to the left of the cover where the barcode is… yet they covered the person up. I can’t say who it was because I don’t recall a blonde girl being a part of Pietro’s group. That’s just another thing I wanted to point out as I was a bit confused.

The only story that felt sort of relevant was Quicksilver’s. I feel this issue felt the weakest so far in this mini. This issue was “okay”. I don’t want to see this mini start to falter right before the finishing line. I hope the next issue is better. 3 out of 5 “you’ll shoot your eye out” jokes.

I’ll get the next review up by Sunday as that’s when I hope to be able to have time to go to the comic shop. Feel free to talk about the mini in general though as I have heard what happens in the final issue. Talk to you guys later!

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