Friendly Fire Fight Club Season Two – The Douglas Classic Has Begun!

‘Bring It, Buttercup!’

Well the Douglas Classic playoffs have begun on Friendly Fire Fight Club –  the game where message board members get to do gladitorial combat via fictional characters!  It was a long, interesting season but the regular season has ended and it’s time for the First Round of the Classic.  Eight Fight Clubbers are squaring off in four fights!

Game #1 – Darkseid vs. Thanos (Ladyspider & Thrawn)
Game #2 – Black Bolt vs. Green Lantern Hal Jordan (AmFan15 & George Berryman)
Game #3 – Sandman vs. Aqualad (butters911 &. FSUSpiderFan)
Game #4 – Beta Ray Bill vs. Hercules (Two-Bit Specialist & Spider-Girl Stella!)

So head on in to the message boards via any of the links above and commence to votin’! Onwards and Upwards, Crawl Spacers!


–Commissioner George Berryman


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