In what must be considered a publicity no-brainer, the new threads being sported by Miles Morales in the latest Ultimate Spider-Man comics will be available as an altenate costume in this October’s Edge of Time. The look is purely an aesthetic bonus for all those costume collecting fiends and does not mean that Miles will be a playable character in Beenox’s latest installment in the Spider-Man video game franchise.  However, in order to acquire the new black and red outfit for Gazillion’s Super Hero Squad Online, you will need to be one of the lucky 30 registrants who enter a contest to acquire the limited skin. Hey, it’s kind of like the lottery that Miles was fortunate enough to win in Ultimate Spider-Man #1!

What are your thoughts on this new look? Anybody interested in playing with this costume? Check out Comics Alliance for more information and pictures of the outfit in action. Also, make sure to check back this evening for my take on the latest Ultimate Spider-hero when I review Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

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6 Responses to “New Ultimate Spider-Man costume makes its gaming debut”

  1. #1 AbdulAziz says:

    He voiced Ultimate, that makes it more awesome
    I love this suit

  2. #2 Wes says:

    I new they’d eventually put this suit in a video game but damn, I wasn’t expecting it to happen that fast!

  3. #3 Mustached avenger says:

    It’s an ok costume, Though I don’t understand why he cannot just wear the traditional red and blues. That and i thnk it’s just a gimmick to show that he is half black.

  4. #4 Agent Michigan says:

    I like it in the game, but I hate it when they do something like this. Only 30 people get it? Really? I would rather pay $100 for a special edtion then do this.

  5. #5 Josh (Venom65437) says:

    I think it looks awful anyway so I guess I won’t be upset!

  6. #6 Marcus says:

    Costume would look so much better if they eliminated the webbing. Like spidey’s black suit but with a small red spider logo instead of a big white one. You could keep the fingers red if you were afraid of being too similar.