If you’re new to Spider-Captions the goal is to write a funny caption in the comment section. Extra points for bringing the funny.

10 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 158”

  1. #1 Jared says:

    “At that moment, the Amazing Spider-Man didn’t know what was worse–the fact that he was being eaten alive by The Hulk…or the fact that someone, somewhere, was getting turned on by it…!”

  2. #2 writrzblok says:

    Spidey:Huh…so that’s where Waldo is…

    Half-digested Waldo: Killlll…meeeeeeeee….

  3. #3 AbdulAziz says:

    “Hulk have colored toothpick”

  4. #4 Enigma_2099 says:


    There. Where’s my check?

  5. #5 Jack Brooks says:

    One More Snack.

  6. #6 Doc Folsome says:

    And with that, Joe Quesada forever changed the Spiderverse 😉

  7. #7 Bill says:

    SPIDER-MAN: O.K., now I’ve officially looked EVERYWHERE and I still can’t find my keys.

  8. #8 Tonyd117 says:

    Mr Dentist? Hulk have something caught in teeth…

  9. #9 FSUSpiderfan says:

    and Spidey’s foot is coming out the other end.

  10. #10 DPFW says:

    Studies say you swallow spiders in your sleep over the course of your life, but I don’t think this is quite what they meant! 😉