Spider Island Cloak and Dagger 3 review

The Last two issues of Cloak and Dagger were amazing, and they both got a 5/5 from me. Will this issue live up to my  expectation? Read on and find out, and, for the love of God, leave comments. They are the life blood I feed on. 

Cloak and Dagger 3

Writer- Nick Spencer

Pencils- Emma Rios

Inks- Emma Rios and Alvaro Lopez

Colors- Javier Rodriguez

Editor- Stephen WackerPlot-

As Spider Island rages on in the city of New York, Tandy stands infected with the darkforce power. She is having a hard time taking it, and is dying. Mr. Negative agrees to give Ty some light to feed to Tandy. He kisses her, and the light enters Tandy, satisfying her hunger. The two have now swapped powers, and Mr. Negative shows that he made a deal with D’spayre to corrupt Tandy, who has been prophesied to kill him. The epilogue of the issue shows D’spayre committing evil, shady ass acts, and the book ends.



The epilogue gives me hope that there, at the very least, could be another Cloak and Dagger mini series, by Nick Spencer and Emma Rios. In the letters page, Stephen Wacker tell us how positive the response has been and that we should write in if we want more C&D by Spencer and Rios. What I’m saying is, if you enjoyed this book, or even if you didn’t, join me in writing to Marvel demanding more. On Tom Brevoort’s formspring page he said it doesn’t look like it will become an ongoing, which makes me sad, but it could happen, and he didn’t rule out another mini.

I have now officially read everything Spider Island related, which is crazy because, with college, I really don’t have much spare time on my hands maintaining my ‘B’ average and all. I gotta say that this series was easily the best thing to come out of Spider Island.

The art, as with the last two issues, is top notch. Emma Rios, along with Alvaro Lopez on inks, and Javier Rodriguez on colors, did a beautiful job on this issue. The other two issues looked great, but this one has a few splash pages which were breathtaking. There are multiple two page panels, which normally I don’t like, but when they look this good, how can I complain?

Nick Spencer’s writing is characteristically great this issue. There was a fascinating twist from the first issue to this one. Throughout the mini, the two of them were getting more and more estranged, with Tandy wanting a normal life, going to college and what not, while Ty was getting more clingy and desperate to provide love for Tandy. Its obvious he is totally in love with her, while I think her feelings are more platonic, friendship love (don’t you guys hate when that happens?)

I like how the ending kind of reversed things, besides just switching thier power sets. Tandy was the stable lightforce always hungering for a normal life, while Ty, who had the always hungering for light darkforce power, wanted a stable life with her. Now she is in control of the Dark force power, and will constantly depend on Ty to feed her light. She now knows how he feels, with the constant darkness, and it’s overwhelming for her.

This issue started with Tandy hoping for a new and different life, and ends with her more dependent on Ty than ever before. They know by the end that that have to stick together, and it brings them together at a time when they were forgetting how to be there for each other. That may seem hopeful, but I feel bad for Tandy, as any hope she once had of a normal life seem to be gone forever. 



Another great issue. I really hope we see more of this team on Cloak and Dagger. 6/5

Its so good it broke through the rating scale!


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